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Thursday, January 02, 2014

The Ultimate Link-List of Samantha Walker Silhouette File Tutorials

***Update! 1/4/14***
I found a better way to format this. More links can be found on this post: Plus, there is a way to add your own Samantha Walker Silhouette file tutorials to the link up grid--look for the blue button at the bottom of the post.

Hello Silhouette Cameo and Portrait users! Thank you for purchasing my designs! I really appreciate your support over the years. As a "thank you," I have assembled this article of links to help you find some of the tutorials put together by me and my creative team.  This list contains tutorials that may not already have direct links associated with my corresponding files in the silhouette store. Please know that this list may grow over time as well as I try to match up files to tutorials, so bookmark or "pin" this page and check back often. I hope that by having a list in one place, it will make it easier for you to find them, and perhaps help you discover new files that you may have missed in the store.

If you are wondering why not all of my projects have links or tutorials, please understand that when I first started licensing designs to Silhouette in 2009, the Silhouette online store was a small beta project. I did not know that it would grow into a massive creative outlet for my designs. I also did not own a Silhouette machine at that time (gasp...not many of the Silhouette artists did;) just like I did not own a sewing machine when I started licensing my designs to Riley Blake for fabric.

You see...I'm an art licensor, and I license my designs to many manufacturers, and Silhouette is just one of the manufacturers that I license to. Without a Silhouette machine, I could not create tutorials for my designs, and naturally kept my designs more simple. Later, I desired to create more complex projects, as some of you may have noticed, that I really enjoy detail and challenging designs. So I put together a creative team to help me demonstrate some of these projects. As a result, I have had the opportunity to work with many creative crafters and love seeing how they use my designs. My team has been truly inspirational to me, and I hope that they have inspired you too.

Eventually I did buy a Silhouette machine when they came out with the Cameo--I couldn't resist, and can't hide the fact that I love it! Over time, I have learned how to use it, and it is so much fun! The biggest benefit of having a machine and designing files, is that I have been able to create more intricate 3D designs which require testing and tweaking to make them right. These more intricate designs, particularly the 3D ones, may require assembly instructions, so I want to make sure that you can find instruction for these more challenging projects. Please note that you will not find links for every file that I have in the Silhouette store.  Providing tutorials is something that some of the licensing artists do on their own accord in order to assist Silhouette customers with more challenging projects--we do it because we like you. I also do it because I want you to find success with my designs, and discover new ideas!

Some of the assembly tutorials may also have tips and tricks for using the Silhouette Studio software. I am often asked questions about how to use the Silhouette software, and must admit, that I'm not an expert at it, as it isn't the program that I use for designing. I use Adobe Illustrator because it has all of the functions that I need and integrates with the other Adobe programs that I use for designing different products. I only use the Silhouette Designer edition of the software when cutting designs. (Please note: the Designer edition of the Silhouette Studio software allows you to cut SVG files--the file extension that I use when saving things in Illustrator. The basic version of the Studio software, that comes with your Silhouette machine, does not cut SVG's. The designer Edition is quite reasonable.) So the Studio tutorials that I have on my blog are more of a courtesy. For the most part they are geared more toward the basic functions that you might use when cutting a design: like help with ungrouping, determining blade depth and speed settings, copying and pasting, moving a design, and shrinking designs to fit within the cutting area. With that said, I do know that the Silhouette studio software is an excellent tool from what I've seen others do with it.  It is capable of much much more than what I will show you here, for those of you who want to try your hand at creating or manipulating your own designs. For further help with the Silhouette software, please consult the Silhouette manuals, Silhouette customer service, or visit the Silhouette blog. The Silhouette Blog is an AMAZING resource for help with discovering the capabilities of the Silhouette software. There are also many amazing bloggers and Youtubers online that have some fantastic tutorials that demonstrate some of the advanced features of the software. The internet is rich with experienced users. for the list with links to assembly tutorials or ideas of how to creatively use files. Some of these tutorials are found on my blog and others are found on past and present SW Creative Team Member blogs. After you click on one of the links below, you may have to scroll down the blog post for the tutorials as they may have been posted with other promotions or projects that appear first on the link. Some tutorials have multiple links to them as they use multiple files.


Boxes, 3D projects, and other files that need explanation:

tutorial: 3D scalloped cake box                                    tutorial: corsage box with window
link: Design ID #27762Design ID #7318                                Design ID #34717

tutorial: Drawer Stack                            tutorial: Woven Banner
Design ID #43716                                  Design ID #42056
tutorial: chandelier tutorial     tutorial: Flower heart basket       tutorial: Surprise box
How to use it on a card          Design ID# 42137                       Design ID #26873                    
Design ID #42135
tutorial: birdhouses  Design ID #8567Design ID #8242          tutorial: Egg Carton Card
Design ID #8209Design ID #24609                                         Design ID #39720

tutorial: bottle box  video link here                                        tutorial: Advent Train engine
 Design ID#27472Design ID #27477Design ID #27474                 Design ID #34372

tutorial: Heart Clamshell Box          tutorial: Burger Box,  Happy Easter Burger Box
 Design ID #37607                                        Design ID #39476, Design ID #25471
                                                               Design ID #26861 Design ID #26861,

tutorial: Basket of Flowers                                                     tutorial: Round Top Box
Design ID #3198Design ID #27016                                          Design ID #37584

tutorial: Bag Carton Box                         tutorial link: Egg Boxes How to close egg boxes tutorial
Design ID #32471                                   Design ID #25664Design ID #39794Design ID #25648
                                                                 Design ID #25663Design ID #25665Design ID #25716
                                                                 Design ID #25715Design ID #25662 
    tutorial: Live Laugh Love Box Card                                     tutorial: 3d Hat box
    Design ID #32476Design ID #37993                                  Design ID #33023

 Print and Cut Gingerbread house tutorial                   tutorial: 3D Box Heart Handle
 Design ID #32428                                                       Design ID #26979Design ID #8081
 tutorial: ornament boxes  Design ID #33808,                          tutorial: 3D Star Pouch

   tutorial: 3D Buckle Purse                        tutorial: advent calendar stand and blocks
   Design ID #26981                                   Design ID #34295Design ID #34308
tutorial link: Spooky Treat box                                            Hexagon flower top box
Design ID #32816Design ID #32440                                     Design ID #27657

tutorial link: XO bag 
grouping and ungrouping
Design ID #37991

Using Pens in your Silhouette:

 'z' is for zebra                                        Peacock Lace Card using Silhouette Pens
Design ID #47045                                    Design ID #40126, Design ID #11995
Adding and Subtracting parts:

#1 ribbon card tutorial                               Doily Card                    2 Bunny file made into a card
Design ID # 39721                               Design ID#42322                         Design ID #8219

                      Hello Sunshine card using various flowers and spiral flower
                        Design ID #39477Design ID #7598Design ID #25471


         Bunting Borders card
         Design ID #32817

Inspirational uses:

     Dress Card tutorial                        Pocket Card tutorial                 Frozen Treat Card
     Design ID #47249                         Design ID #44143                    Design ID #42031
 'I cook with wine' framed art       Chocolate is Proof framed art               My Little Charmer
Design ID #43819                                 Design ID #44014                  (misting stencil technique)
                                                                                                                     Design ID#38654

 'Make a wish' display  Design ID #4384442773             12 piece tag set on card
                                                                                                  Design ID #27019


          Scalloped Dot Fringe               Classic Car Card
          make a flower with it!              Design ID# 10369
          Design ID #4679
          Design ID #27019

       Santa's Advent Calendar                     Reindeer Card
            Design ID #34267        Design ID #34698, Design ID #33524
Print and Cut:
  snowman advent calendar                    woodland daisy
       Design ID #34284                 turn design into a print and cut
                                                              Design ID #12193


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