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Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Print and Cut Gingerbread House Tutorial!

Good Morning!  Today we are going to show you how to print, cut, and assemble the Gingerbread house Silhouette file!

1.  First you will need to purchase the Gingerbread house.  You can find the file in Samantha's Silhouette store HERE.  Once you purchase the file, open your Silhouette software and go to "File" and then click on "Download Pending Pending Orders".

2.  Next, open the file up in your Silhouette software then click on the "Open the Page Tools Window" icon, shown in the top red circle in the below photo.  Change your page to Letter (if printing on 8-1/2" x 11") and select your cutting mat (I am using a 12"x12").

 3. Click on the "Open the Registration Mark Settings Window" then click on the box to "Show Reg Marks".

3.  Click on the "Send to Printer" icon shown in the red circle below.  

4.  Load your paper into your printer then select your printer and choose "Print". 

5.  Your paper with the Gingerbread house should look similar to the photo below.  Place the paper on your Silhouette mat.

6. Click on the "Send to Silhouette" icon shown in the red circle below.  Next click "Click Here to Skip Printing".

7. Follow the steps on the screen then click "Continue"

8.  Click "Detect Automatically" and your Silhouette will scan your paper for the registration marks.

9.  Once the detection is made, your Silhouette will display a "cut" button (shown below).  Make sure your settings are correct for your paper type then click "Cut". 

Assembling the box: 

1.  Your Gingerbread House will look like this once you remove the paper.
2.  Fold on all score marks.
3.  Bring the side tab over to the coordinating slot and tuck in.
4.  Next we will fold the bottom.  Tuck the two side pieces down to cover the 
     bottom, leaving the tab pieces up.
5.  Tuck the top tab piece into the coordinating slot.
6.  Tuck the remaining tab piece in as shown.
7.  For the top of the box, tuck the flaps down into the center.
8.  Place the center tab in the coordinating slot and tuck in.
9.  Your Gingerbread house should look like this!

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