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Thursday, November 08, 2012

Bag Carton Box by AJ Otto

Hiya~ AJ here to share how I assembled one of Samantha's latest releases, the Bag Carton Box which can be found at the Silhouette Store and also as a SVG file in Samantha's Store!

Here's my box, all cut out and removed from the cutting mat. 

 If you look real close, you can see the score lines, I love how they show you right where to fold.

 To assemble the box, I looked at the photo to see what it should look like- You can tell the sides fold inward on the short ends.  Go through and fold all the score lines.

 I like to play around and see where I am going to be needing adhesive to hold things together, the bottom should look like this where a tab will fold over the other 3 edges and tuck in. 

Crafty Power tape is awesome for these types of projects, place the adhesive on your tabs that will be touching to hold securely.

Go ahead and make sure you have adhesive on the far right tab also, this will tuck in to the side to secure the long edge of the box.

 Flip over and repeat placing adhesive on the inside of the box as well.  Pull the white tape cover off and start folding your box together.

 Once you have the bottom flaps secured, fold your sides in and tuck the long tab inside and apply pressure from the inside.  Now it's all assembled, you can dress it all up!

Here's my final dressed up box- All products are from Samantha Walker's Orchard Harvest line from Creative Imaginations.  I can see using this for many things- hostess gift for Thanksgiving, birthday party favors, Christmas teacher gifts, any sort of Holiday treat item!  You get the picture.  ;)

thanks for stopping by!


  1. Wonderful job Aj! This is gorgeous!

  2. Really cute box and great tutorial!


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