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Friday, March 09, 2012

Silhouette Tutorial - Print and Cut by Jamie

Hi!  It's Jamie back with you today sharing a tutorial for creating a print and cut with your Silhouette dies!  I am using one of my favorite cuts, the Blooming Woodland Daisy from Samantha Walker.

Step #1:  Open the Silhouette die within your Silhouette Studio Software and resize the item.

Step #2:  Ungroup the items by going to 'Object' and selecting the 'Ungroup' option.

Step #3:  You will see separate boxes around each of the items.
Step #4:  Select the grass and stem area then click on the 'Open the Fill Color Window' shown in the red circle to open the fill colors.

Step #5:  Select a fill color of your choice.

Step #6:  Click on the petals section and select a fill color of your choice.

Step #7:  Click on the center section of the flower and select a fill color of your choice.

Step #8:  Click on 'Edit' and 'Select All'

Step #9:  Group the items back together by selecting 'Object' then 'Group'.
Step #10:  Click on the 'Open the Registration Mark Settings Window' and click the Show Reg Marks box.  This will show the registration marks on your page.

Step #11:  Click on the 'Open the Cut Style Window' and select 'Cut Edge'.  

Step #12:  Click on 'File' then 'Page Setup'.

Step #13:  Change your page to 8-1/2" x 11" (unless you have a large format printer that will handle 12x12).  Click 'OK'.

Step #14:  Click on the printer icon to send the print to the printer.

Step #15:  Select your printer and click 'Print'.

Step #16:  Once your page prints, click on the 'Send to Silhouette' icon.

Step #17:  Follow the instructions on the screen and then click on 'Continue'

Step #18: Place your print on your mat as shown on your screen.

Step #19: Load your paper then click on 'Detect Automatically' and your Silhouette machine will scan your page for your marks.

Step #20: Set you cutting setting to match your paper then click 'Cut'.

Step #21: Remove your pieces from your mat and create!

Samantha Walker Supplies:


  1. Stopping by to say hello and how much I really like your blog!! Such inspiration!!! Love this card and Sil technique!!! Amazing

    Thanks so much
    Angela Holt

  2. Great job Jamie! I really want to get a cameo but i have four cricuts! I need to sell some of them to get one but seems like the machine to own! Good job on the card
    Debbie Crowder

  3. Awesome tutorial Jamie and i love your happy card too!!

  4. Great step by step tutorial, thank you for making it so clear.
    I have a new video on using the Print and Cut feature, please feel free to come check it out.

  5. This is a fabulous tutorial! Jamie, you made this so easy to understand!

  6. Thanks so much for this tutorial. I am trying to learn how to use my Cameo and the print and cut feature. Have never tried anything yet, but this makes it look so easy.

  7. are so amazing! I am so lucky to be working with you!

  8. Wow! that's pretty amazing and you made it easier to understand...still thinking about ordering the silhouette!

  9. Love the card, thanks for tutorial. I am so in awe of your talent. Just got a cameo and trying to learn the techniques.


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