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Tuesday, March 05, 2013

Little Charmer Mask tutorial by: Aimee Maddern

Aimee here to show you how to use a word phrase as a mask. I take it one step farther and show you how I customized the phrase to suit me.

1.     Cut phrase from cardstock {used a piece of scrap paper since I am only using this cut as a mask}

2.     Have photo and mating papers ready, place on main layout to see where your “title phrase” will fit

3.     Once place is found, hand cut “my” from phrase 

4.     Place phrase back on layout in desired place

5.     Remove photo and mating {I mist on my grass which requires little clean up}

6.     I have all my supplies gathered for this layout

7.     I start by distress the edges of my matting 

8.      Adhere the matting with glue of choice {mine is glossy accents}

9.     Arrange matting

10. Add layers

11. Add photo

12. Crumble twine in hand a lay on layout

13. Staple in place with tiny attacher

14. Add flair {hiding the staples}

15. Add other embellishments


16. Staple wood veneer to page

17. Adhere wood veneer to photo

18. Adhere sequins {or embellish as desired}

This layout from start to finish including cutting the phrase, gathering supplies and taking step by step photos took less than an hour to complete.

Thanks for stopping by!


  1. Wonderful Aimee...this is so cute!

  2. Samantha~Thank you for the wonderful lay~out!!
    I really like the idea of misting outside ! My plans are on hold for my next misting project we just got 4" of snow last night! Ohio ~~ Yuk ~~LOL~
    Have a great day Tessa~~~


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