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Saturday, June 08, 2013

Summer Mini Fun Shaped Card by Diana Fisher

Hi! Diana Fisher with you today. I'm going to share with you how to make a shaped mini album using the template from a shaped card from your digital cutting files.

I used the Frozen Treat Card from Samantha Walker on the Cameo. First, you can see that I chose the file from my library and it opened a new file.

From there, I used the "Ungroup"option in the bottom left corner. That will release all of the selected pieces into the smaller pieces it is made up of, giving you the ability to delete the pieces you don't need.

I deleted the extra sticks and the center lower ovals. I then sized the two remaining pieces to what I wanted them to be. That is key... sizing them together when you are not going to use them at the size the are in the original file. When I take about the pieces and put them on different cutting boards, I still want them to match up, so always know your sizes when working with different pieces that fit together.

I then took the far right non-folded popsicle piece off the board as a "cut" not a "delete" and put it on a new cutting board. I duplicated it two more times and positioned them to cut.

After that, you just let the Cameo do its thing! I cut the outer folded popsicle out of kraft card stock at a  card stock setting. I then cut the other board with the interior popsicles with a textured card stock setting because the Carta Bella Cool Summer paper from Samantha Walker is very heavy and does have a texture to it.

Here are some of the pictures from the final mini. It is going to be a journal for my son for the summer. He often asks me to make him these little bound books he can put stories and pictures in. He's going to be a Project Life or mini album crafter for sure! I just know he's going to love getting this as an end-of-the-school-year gift in a few weeks.

Thanks for stopping in to see how I made a mini album template from a shaped card. I hope it's inspired you to try this yourself sometime!

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