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Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Make a wish display by Daniela Dobson

Hello! Daniela here with a little display you can place anywhere in your work area or your house.

Samantha Walker products used

1. Open antique oval frame in your Silhouette Studio, shown in pink. 
2. Go to your offset button and offset to how you like it. I made sure it was a nice edge. 

3. Click on the offset frame and release compound path. That will release all the little pieces inside the frame. Delete all the little pieces so that you are left over with just the frame or the base, shown in gray. 

4. Move the gray frame over to the right and open "you can make a wish" phrase. I sized it so that it fits in the frame, but once that was done I moved it to the gray base to cut. Cut antique oval frame in blue patterned paper.
5. Center the phrase on gray frame. 
6. Turn off cut for the frame edge and make sure only the phrase is cutting. 
7. I used a black Silhouette sketch pen for the phrase. Once that was done, turn off phrase and turn on frame/mat edge. Still with the same black pen it will outline the shape. 
8. Go to offset settings and offset again, mine was to 0.55. Replace your pen with the blade and cut the edge. 

9. Using colored pencils color the phrase. I used Prismacolor pencils in rainbow order. 
10. Adhere the frame to the base. 

11. Die cut a flower from yellow patterned paper using a flower die from Ornate Squares die set. Add to the frame using a brad from Cool Summer Brads.

Thank you for stopping by today and let me know if you have any questions.



  1. Daniela, This frame is really beautiful. I am going to give it a try. I may have a million questions for you, when I start. Wish me luck! I love it so much. Thanks for sharing your lovely creations!


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