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Tuesday, October 21, 2014

BOO Banner by Diana

Hi! Diana Fisher here with you today to share a custom Halloween banner with you. I used the Samantha Walker Spook 31 font to make this "BOO" banner to add to my Halloween decor.

This font is so fun and versatile you could make any word or phase you would want for your banner. Here are the steps I took in the Silhouette Studio software to make my banner.

First thing is to type out the "boo" word and then select the downloaded SW Spook 31 font from your choices. You'll notice after I did that, that the two "o" letters are really close together. So close, it might affect the cut. 

To get the letter further apart, I selected the Character Spacing option and just moved them a bit further apart.  

After that was done, I added circles to the top of my letters. This gave me a space to thread the ribbon. This can be done with a small hole punch after you are done with cutting the letters, but I chose to use the Cameo for this step as well.

I cut my banner out of purple glitter paper and it turned out great, even with the small details in the spiders. 

Thanks for stopping to see my BOO banner. Download Samantha's Spook 31 font and create your own custom Halloween banner!

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