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Saturday, October 18, 2014

Happy Halloween Layout with Christine

Hi Samantha Walker Fans!  Christine joining you today to share a tip on using the negative space on some of Samantha's more detailed cuts. 

For this layout I used Samantha's new Halloween 3 Ways (#67410) cut file but instead of using the title cut out I used the negative space of it and used various colors behind it.  With the spider webs this could quickly get complicated - but today I am going to show you how I did it without any fancy tapes or tools!

1. In this first picture you can see that I have a couple letters still to fill in.  
2.  I took my title that I had cut out and used it as a "stencil" as to where to put my negative web pieces.
3. It easily fits right back on and you can see the first "e" already filled in.
4.  Use a glue pen and your stencil as a guide - after adding glue just stick your pieces in and there you have it!

Isn't that fun? An easy way to add back in the detail to negative space without having to worry about lining everything up right!

Hope you are having a fun weekend and find some time to get some fall crafting in too!

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