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Wednesday, July 15, 2015

New Janome Free Embroidery Project: Cuckoo Clock!

Several of you saw my Cuckoo Clock at quilt market and wanted to know where you could get my pattern...well now it's finally available...and it's being offered at the best possible price. ;)


Yes, you heard me right...the embroidery file, pattern, and assembly instructions for the cuckoo clock are all free and available now at this link on Janome's website:

The embroidery file is available in .jef format. It's an awesome embroidery project to create with Janome's largest GR Hoop designed for Janome's MC12000 or their new MC15000. I also include some files that are adapted for smaller hoops but keep the size of the clock the same. However, they require re-hooping between some of the embroidery steps.

One of the cool things about the file when you use the awesome-ly large GR Hoop, is that the embroidery file includes a straight stitch outline around the clock where you should cut it out. This eliminates the step of centering and pinning the pattern piece to it. It also has some basting stitches where you will be placing your seam. If you use a smaller hoop, you will need to pin the provided pattern to the face of the clock to see where to cut it out--but you can still complete the project.
The instructional PDF contains LOTS of step photos and includes some diagrams like the one below:
This simple illustration shows a simple zipper placement technique. You can always use your favorite technique...but I thought I'd show you mine. If you can't read the small blue print, (because I know some of you are squinting right now,) I've repeated the instructions here to make them easy to read if you are interested.

How to put in a simple zipper:
Layer the clock back pieces together with right sides facing. 
diagram 1: Sew both sides together on the turnquoise line.
diagram 2. Open the sewn pieces up 
diagram 3: Place zipper face down over the zipper placement zone, on reverse side of fabric at seam. 
Sew around the zipper as shown with white stitch marks. 
Then stationary zig-zag stitch the stopping points of the zipper. 
Finish the zipper by picking out the stitches between your tack points where the zipper is to open.

Some of you wanted to know where you could get the small clock kit that I used in this project. I was able to purchase the right kit here. It can be hard to locate these ultra small clock kits in a craft store. I found lots of larger ones, but no small ones that would work for this clock. The kit you are looking for will cover a 2 3/4 dial, so the minute hand should be 1 1/2 or smaller. 1 and 5/16 inches is the smallest one I was able to find with spade ends. You will want a movement for a 1/8 inch dial thickness. 

If you haven't ever used a clock kit before, the gears can be really fragile. You must follow these steps exactly.
How to assemble a clock kit:
A. Place the minute hand on the clock first, this is the longer hand.
B. Turn the minute hand clockwise until it lines up perfectly with the 12.
C.Remove the minute hand. Now place the hour hand on the clock in the upright position so it is pointed to the 12.
D. Now put the minute hand back on. You will then use the cap screw and tighten it over the minute hand to hold it in place.
E. Make sure the hands are straight and not preventing the other one from moving. Bend hands slightly to correct.
G. Set the time by moving the minute hand clockwise around the clock until the right time shows on the face. DO NOT ever turn the hands counter clockwise. If you accidentally set the time forward too much, you will have to move the hands clockwise until you get to the right time again. Do not force the hands it will strip the tiny gears.

You can use any fabric or thread colors you wish. I used fabric from my Rodeo Rider Collection for Riley Blake Designs. If you make this project, I'd love to see your version. Feel free to e-mail a photo of it to my blog e-mail found in the right sidebar.

As always...thanks for stopping in!

Thursday, June 04, 2015

Lil' Cowboy and Lil' Cowgirl quilt patterns have arrived!

Lil' Cowboy quilt by Doohikey Designs available here
Shari Butler Doohikey Designs
I'm so blessed and lucky to have great friends! 

Even better... great friends, who will sew for me last minute for quilt market! 

My Rodeo Rider fabric collection for Riley Blake Designs released shortly before the Spring International Quilt Market in Minneapolis. I was a little stressed about getting all the sewing done for my booth in time.  So I asked a few friends to help. 

Shari Butler of Doohikey Designs was one of those friends. She designed two playfully creative cowboy/girl quilts for me. Aren't they fabulous!?! 

(Thank you, Shari, I love your creations!)

I love how she combined traditional quilt elements like the friendship stars, and modified 9-patches, with more trendy elements like her silhouetted cowboy-themed appliqué blocks. Adorable, right?

Lil' Cowgirl quilt pattern by Doohikey Designs. Pattern available here.
Rodeo Rider Girl Fabric Collection by Samantha Walker for Riley Blake
This alone is quite amazing...but what you can't see, is the beautiful custom quilting by Kayli Taylor. If you look closely at the photo of the girl version of the quilt, pay attention to the white blocks behind the appliqué. You'll be able to see hints at some of the intricate details and patterns in this custom quilting job. I love it! 

Well if you've fallen in love with these quilts the way I have...and the way that so many others at quilt market did, who asked for the pattern...I've got some great news for you!
Rodeo Rider Boy by Samantha Walker for Riley Blake
Shari just released 2 new digital patterns for these quilts, that are available now through Yup...we now have downloadable sewing patterns too!

These quilt patterns also come with the SVG cutting files, of the appliqué pieces that you will need, so you can cut them in with your digital cutting machine. If you don't have a cutting machine, no worries. The patterns also include printable templates so you can hand-cut the designs.
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