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Thursday, November 21, 2019

Circle Purse Instructions

This week in the silhouette store, I'm introducing a new purse design for Fall. You will be able to download this cutting file from my Silhouette shop.

Here's the direct link! Silhouette Design ID 308507

To make this purse you will need to download the cutting file available as either an .svg file or .studio file.

Arrange the different colored layers in the Silhouette studio software. This file already has maximized the space of a 12x12 cutting area, and is color coded to closely match my finished example above. You will only have to move a few pieces onto the live cutting area for each color paper change. If you aren't familiar with the Silhouette studio software, there are many tutorials online to achieve this step.

Assembly steps:
Attach the three contrasting backing pieces with a fine tipped paper adhesive such as Tombow mono adhesive. (these are the lighter yellow color)

Fold the leather strap pieces around the buckle hardware and fix with a brad or with glue. There are holes in this file that will match up to make attaching brads easy. The brads will hold the leather straps to the sides of the purse.

Fold the side pieces along the folding dotted line. There are two rows of dotted lines, one is to mimic stitching, the other is to actually fold. (see first picture in the second row.) Attach sides and front piece to the main piece with glue. Align the holes and fix brads at those points for the purse feet on the bottom. The brads aren't necessary, but add a nice detail.

Slide the front buckle onto the leather strap. You may fix it on with glue if  you wish. Attach this decorative strap with glue or brads.

Fold teeth on the side pieces inward then glue them to the front and back of the purse. (shown in first picture on the bottom row.)

Your purse is now complete. You can adhere a sticky velcro dot to the front flap purse strap, or use tape to shut the purse.

Tuesday, November 19, 2019

Circle Handle Purse design and Circle Pouches

This design can be found here. Silhouette Design ID 308288.
This design can be found here. Silhouette Design ID 308319.

This week in the Silhouette design store I'm releasing a few new versions of my circle handle purse. One mimics the look of tooled leather, another features a fall spray of foliage. You can follow along the directions of my original circle handle purse and here, and just add the "tooled-leather" look layer. I do recommend attaching this layer with a fine tipped paper glue such as Tombow Mono liquid adhesive. Another great way to attach this detailed layer would be to use adhesive backed paper.

Links to these designs will appear as soon as they are loaded into the Silhouette design store.
This design can be found here. Silhouette Design ID 308289.

These new circle pouch designs are simple to make and only require glue to attach the contrasting background that highlights the front design. You can easily assemble multiples of these and are recommended as party favors because of their simple assembly. Just simple fold and interlock tabs! Fill them with small gifts such a scented bars soap, hand sanitizers, little chocolate boxes, bags of candy or more.

This Design can be found here. Silhouette Design ID 308291.

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