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Saturday, October 25, 2014

Trick or Treat Chalkboard with Cathy

Hi and welcome to the Samantha Walker Creative Team Blog!  I have a project to share today with you that didn't go quite according to plan but still turned out cute and I learned a few things along the way!
My plan was to create a stencil with Silhouette's stencil material, but for some reason my transfer paper just wouldn't hold the design....Grrr.
So I used the positive design instead of the negative like you normally do for a stencil!

I adhered my Trick or Treat phrase to the chalkboard with some light tack tape.

Then I traced the design with a white chalk marker!

Not the crispest of lines, but it worked and all I had left to do was color it in with the chalk marker.  

I think it turned out pretty I said it wasn't my original plan and I think creating a stencil would give you a crisper, cleaner look.  But you could do this with card stock or vinyl, and simply trace your design!

And it looks pretty dang cute here with my adorable monster all set to go Trick or Treating!

Thanks for joining us today and have a 
Happy Halloween!

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