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Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Silhouette Tutorial: Witch Carton

I've got one last Halloween box going in the Silhouette store for the 2013 season. It's this little petal closure witch box. You'll find the instructions below:

 Cut the box out of a good weight card stock. I used Carta Bella's All Hallow's Eve Marshmallow/Kraft cardstock.
Fold each of the sides all the way around the box. Fold each of the curved sections at the top of the box as shown above. (Basically, you are accordion folding here.)
Keep on going all the way around the top of the box. The straight crease goes inward, the curved creases go outward.
 This is how it should look after all the top lines are creased.
Fold the bottom of the box as shown in the tutorial at this link here. You will have to scroll down to the second box in this tutorial. I use this type of bottom on my boxes often. It's a great way to close the bottom of a box and have it hold strong. 
 Glue the side tab of the box to the open side.
 Push the straight folds on the top of the box to the center. 
 Join the two petals at the top of the box at the slits so that they interlock.

 This is what the top of the box should look like when joined.
Now you have a cute little treat box ready for your ghost and goblin visitors this halloween.

Happy Halloween!
Samantha Walker

Supplies used in this project:

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