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Saturday, November 02, 2013

Turkey Toppers by Diana Fisher

Hello! Diana Fisher here with you today sharing a tutorial on how to make these cute turkey pencil toppers from Samantha Walker. 

With Thanksgiving around the corner, I'm sure you are thinking of ways to add fun to the festivities. For the kiddie table, why not make these cute turkeys for their straws!

Here is how I cut and assembled the turkeys:

After downloading the file, I ungrouped and separated the pieces onto two different files. I organized them by what color I wanted each to be.

After the pieces were organized, I placed card stock on the cutting mat according to what color would cut where.

Assembly was very easy and there were two options: one where you can see the straw and one where it was hidden. You have enough pieces on the first cut to create two turkeys. 

I used a strong bonding glue, like Helmar's or Beacon's, to hold the pieces together. 

Once the pieces are assembled, decorate your turkeys. I added a bow tie to one, both got googly eyes, and they both were adorned with fun swirly sequins. 

The kids will love these straws, and you might even find yourself wishing you were sitting at the kiddie table this holiday!

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