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Sunday, April 14, 2013

Push Pin Pillow Tutorial by Diana

Hello! Diana here with you today sharing something I made using the Samantha Walker Serenata fabrics from Riley Blake

As soon as I saw this blue fabric, I wanted to make a pillow. But alas, we have a new puppy who has taken to eating most of what it laying around the living room, so I settled on making a teeny tiny pillow for push pins that I can keep in my craft room. 

Here are a few quick tips on how you can make one, too!

I have a sewing machine, but I wanted to share with you how you can make one yourself even without a machine using just a needle and thread.

I cut about 1/4 of my fat quarter and grabbed about a fist full of filler stuffing. Then I threaded my needle and got to work sewing up the side with a very simple stitch.

You fold the edges over like you would gift wrap and stitch those edges, too. The backside looks a little bit like a gift wrapped up but with stitches instead of tape. Super simple and should hold nicely over time.

Choose a fun button for the middle and sew all the way through the pillow. You want to make it tight so that the pins will stick. Finish off the back with a knot. I liked to sew through the button once for the right side and again for the left. That way, if your button starts to get loose, you still have one side holding it tight and you can repair it if needed without loosing its shape.

If you are making this for a gift, finish off with a little gift tag. This tag is from the Traditions collection from Carta Bella and the stamp is from JustRite Buntings and Banners

There you have it! A cute mini pillow for a gift our yourself using some of your favorite fabrics. 


  1. SO adorable! totally simple, and somehow i'd probably still mess it up, but I LOVE THE QUARTERS!!

  2. I love that fabric, so cute! Your pin cushion turned out precious. It reminds me of a Barbie pillow. I love miniatures. Lol. Now, I want to buy some and make me a cushion & 2 little pillows for my grand daughter's Barbies. She'd love it. Thanks for sharing :)


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