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Saturday, April 07, 2012

Different Ways to Close Samantha's Egg Boxes!

Happy Saturday!  Jamie here with you today sharing several different ways to fasten Samantha's Egg boxes!
You can also visit this post on different ideas on how to use the egg boxes.
For my first egg, I am using Samantha's 8-sided Easter Egg with repositionable adhesive which allows me to close the egg securely as well as reopen it and close it again!

My next egg is Samantha's 4-sided Easter Egg Box.  I used Glue Arts High Tack Micro Squares, placing one micro square on each bottom tab and on two of the top tabs.
 By only placing two micro squares on the top tabs, I am able push open the top of the egg so that I can load it full of Easter surprises...and the little ones can easily get them out!

  If you want to secure the contents within the egg, you can punch two small holes and use twine to hold the egg shut.

For my third egg, I placed adhesive on all tabs except the tabs on the side with the latch.  This allows me to push open the egg sides to fill (and empty) the egg and by using the latch, it holds the contents securely!

For my fourth egg I am using another 4-sided Easter Egg from Samantha.  With this egg, I stapled the bottom tabs together with four staples and then punched eight small holes along the top tabs.

 I used twine and laced all of the holes and tied it into a bow so the top can easily be opened and closed.

And for my final egg, I punched holes in all of the tabs and used brads to keep it closed! 

We also found several others doing many creative things!  
Just check these out:

Get your eggs here:


  1. These are adorable !!! Yea Jamie for being featured !! whooo hooo

  2. Jamie! These are awesome! So many creative ways to close these! Thanks so much for taking the time to share these with everyone!

  3. Thank you SO much! You can't know how helpful this was. Samantha's boxes are awesome, but I couldn't figure out how to make them work for treat boxes. I will try this idea! Thanks!!


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