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Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Samantha Walker Studio Reveal: The details

Hamilton Printers cabinet drawer for sewing and craft storage Samantha Walker studio remodel
Caution...this post is part 8 of 9 detailing my studio reveal...
If you want to start from the beginning, you can follow in order in these posts below:
The beginning plans sketched out (don't laugh at the timeline here...Putting it together has truly been a process.)
Starting with a Door
Etching the glass doors
The story of the Printers Cabinet and Armoire (the debate to paint or not to glad I did not paint!!!)
The Floors
The Paint
Moving in
The Details this post
The extras (next post)

Pieces Schmeeses...
Now, if you are like've collected lots of little craft trinkets over the years. It can be embarrassing how much we collect. With all these little embellishments to keep track of, it can be overwhelming when trying to find something. That's why I got this printers cabinet for my studio. Look at all those compartments! This helps keep me organized in a big way!

I got the printers cabinet mostly empty, (no drawers) so I had to buy drawers off of e-bay. Problem is...printers drawers are popular. People love making shadow boxes with them. It was hard to find the right year of cabinet too. So instead of filling the entire printers cabinet up with drawers...

I left room for paper storage units that fit perfectly. See the four cubes on the lower right. I then had my husband cut 1/4 inch sheets of masonite that I could slide onto the rails of the printers cabinet to make additional shelves for other sizes of paper. 
Hamilton Printers cabinet drawer for sewing and craft storage Samantha Walker studio remodel

Hamilton Printers cabinet drawer for sewing and craft storage Samantha Walker studio remodel
The Chandelier...
You can get a glimpse of my chandelier in the photo to the right. 

It's one of my favorite details about my space. I got it from 

Funny story...It was the second one I had purchased. I fell in love with another one, I was sure it was "it," but it was too big. 

I didn't want to hit my head on dangle-y crystals in order to walk across the room. I couldn't part with it though, so I upgraded my dining room chandelier. (see below...this was the first one I found. I had a little fun with it at Christmas time.) 

Anyway...I found a smaller one, in a totally different style, but it was the perfect size. It's compact and full of dazzling crystals. It added that little feminine touch that I was searching for--like a jeweled crown for my space.

Bonus: It also scatters rainbows around the room if the sun's just right.
Christmas ornament decorated chandelier Samantha Walker blog

In the wall ironing board storage Samantha Walker studio remodel

I hate ironing...why was this decision so important. 
As a sewist, I wanted an ironing board that I could tuck away. I didn't want to have to drag out a full size ironing board and then stash it away somewhere. I have very little left in the way of closet space after the remodel, as what used to be a "storage" basement, was now becoming a living space. 

I looked at all kinds of options, I looked at having a drawer ironing board installed. (see picture below...lovely, isn't it...that's not mine.) It was a great option...and probably my first choice, but then I found a set of base cabinets on KSL at an unbeatable price...$25 each!!! But, the drawers in them were not quite the right size. So that idea was fizzled. Sigh. 

Then I thought about an "over the door" ironing board, that I could hang in the bathroom. Then reality sunk wouldn't be close enough to my sewing machine. If you sew, you know that you don't want to be shuffling around into another room to press seams between want it right there. It's all about convenience. 
drawer ironing board storage Samantha Walker studio remodel
Next thought...what about an in-the-wall ironing board...but I was running out of wall space with all the cabinets and shelves I had planned. Literally, there was only one piece of wall space left...It just happened to be right next to my sewing machine set up, but it was where I had countertops planned. The plans I drew, had countertops in somewhat of a symmetrical U. I function well with I didn't want to deviate from that original vision. Ugh...are you a symmetrical person? Sometimes it sucks. 

So I did some research., anywhere online...I tried to see if anyone had installed an in-the-wall ironing board over a countertop. I guess it was a weird one had. I wasn't sure if it would work. I was about out of "tuck-away-options" I decided I'd just go for it. How awkward could it be? turns out, it's only a little awkward. There's a little twisting involved when I iron, but it's not bad at all, and I'm glad I put it in. I love that when I close the door, it's neatly tucked away, but easy to get to when I need it. Perfect!
Quilt Fabric armoire storage Samantha Walker studio remodel
Fabric...too much such thing...
Yes, I have a lot of fabric. I'm a fabric designer. It comes with the territory.

To be fair...most of this was in storage for 2 years while we remodeled--that's why so many new bolts. My machine was also on the fritz. I have since upgraded in a major way to a new Janome MC15000. Now I can sew!

The problem with too much fabric is where to put it. I do give a lot away to family and neighbors. They sew projects for me, and in return get some fabric to keep. It works for all of us. My husband's solution would be to get rid of all of it. Since that isn't a viable option...I was lucky enough to find the perfect solution for storing bolts of fabric. I found this old iron scroll armoire on KSL classifieds. And what do you know...It's the perfect depth for fabric bolts. That makes me giddy!
shelves for bolts of Quilt fabric storage Samantha Walker studio remodel doily cups storage

White leather storage chair Samantha Walker studio remodel
Fabric Overflow... 
I had shelves built for more fabric...and I just got permission from my husband that I can take over the under-the-stairs storage space if I need more overflow. I just had two new lines released...that meant even more fabric.

What about Precuts?
...well...I've got that covered too...

and you just thought that was a normal chair...

This chair has a great little "secret compartment" in it. I can get several precut stacks in here. I can also stash them away in the drawers under my counters. I have another drawer for scraps too.

I also have a few empty drawers for sewing projects in progress. The only problem about that...when I stick a project in the drawer...I tend to forget about it. So often I'll leave something out until it's finished.
Ribbon storage in rain gutters Simply Renee Clip it up Samantha Walker studio remodel
Ribbon storage was also an issue...
Most of my ribbon had been put away in ziplocks and stored away during the remodel. It was a tangled mess. I had been to so many scrapbook events in years past, where we would "swap" ribbon cuttings. I may have participated a few times too many, because my collection was a little ridiculous. I was determined to get it out so I could use it. I found these "modified rain gutter" ribbon storage units during an online "flash-sale" for $9.99 each (regular price was something ridiculous like $50.)  They have worked perfectly for me, and I'm using my ribbon a lot more as it's easy to pick the right one.

The details have made such a difference in my studio. If I know where things are...I can use them. If I can use them, then I'm crafting. If I'm crafting I'm happy. 

Do you have a craft nook or space you are proud of? Feel free to share links in the comments below. 

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  1. I am a Jewelry maker and Trade Bead enthusiast. I too love the old print cabinets and have had several, as they are great for beads and keeping small items sorted and organized. One word of caution-they have loads of lead dust residue (from the lead based type set), which is extremely toxic-especially to young children. I use a foam cleaner like "scrubbing bubbles" and clean drawers well, then line with vinyl inset. Watch getting the wood too wet as bottom will warp! Also, LOVED your tutorial on etching a design on your glass Studio doors! I have passed the info about the Vinyl Cutting machine (Silhouette Cameo machine) to the Our Old House FB group, as we were just discussing how to cost effectively have a glass front door design etched or sandblasted. Etching with the paste seems to have the popular vote as most cost effective DIY project, but I had no idea of best way to cut the template. Thanks for the great ideas, and best of luck in your beautiful studio!


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