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Sunday, March 22, 2015

Samantha Walker Studio Reveal!

Part 6 of 9 in a series of post detailing my studio remodel.

It's been a looooong time since my first studio makeover post here. I was planning on giving you updates along the way, and only managed to get in this update here. Well two years (and a few weeks later) I'm bringing to you the final segments...I'll warn you..I may drag it out just a bit to show you what steps we took along the way...but I have to tell you about the blood, sweat, and tears that it took, in order to get it all done.

The beginning plans sketched out (don't laugh at the timeline here...Putting it together has truly been a process.)
The story of the Printers Cabinet and Armoire (the debate to paint or not to glad I did not paint!!!)
The extras 

The Paint:

There was a lot of planning to get this far, and I was finally picking paint colors.

I chose Behr paint from home depot in the color Tidepools. It's a nice cool aqua. It's not too bright.. It's a really yummy soothing blue, with a touch of green, to give it a hint of aqua. It's not quite as dark as robin's egg, and it's not quite one of those trendy minty falls somewhere in between. This color was just what I needed for spending long days...and I'll admit it...long nights in the studio.

The walls are primed...

And Now for a bit of Random trivia with a very random photo...but yet so important to this whole remodel...

Look at the photo below...

See that big red arrow?
I’m using this arrow to point to the most important thing about this picture. You’ll miss it if I don’t put the arrow there.

See there off to the left, falling off the side of the photo? This is Tracy.

She is really important to this whole project, and I'll tell you why in just a moment...
You may know her from customer service at my website, She’s person who will help you when you have random questions or need a little help. She’s also one of my favoritest peoples in the whole entire world.

(You can’t see, but my hands are stretching out to show you how much I love my friend Tracy. I love her this much...arms stretched out wide.)

Here’s one reason why...(and I could pick many...but that would really side-track from this studio remodel if I hadn’t sidetracked enough...)

oh, reason why I love Tracy...

She volunteered to paint my studio.

Yes, she did all the painting...and she did a marvelous job! She’s really good at painting, and I can’t tell her enough how much I appreciated it.

Thank You Tracy!!! Everyone needs a Tracy in their lives for sure!

Oh yeah...that smaller arrow...

well that points to my dog Fritz. You can’t see him very well, he’s hiding behind the wall there, but he is my “studio companion.” He's also the "studio jester" with his silly antics. I love my dog too.

See how pretty that blue is!
To be continued...

Next up...the floors...


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