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Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Guess What I'm Working On...

Quilt Market 2015 is just a few weeks away.

I've been busy scheming up ideas, and drawing patterns...and now I've finally started sewing...trying to get ready for market.

Where did all the time go??? I wish I had another month to prepare.

Thankfully, I have other talented crafters also working with my fabrics for market. Thank you, Mom, Shari, and Jessica.

It's been so much fun to sew because I got a new machine this last year, a Janome Memory Craft 15000. It's very similar to their popular 12000 model, but with a few new features. I love that it can sew, quilt, and embroider.
My old machine was barely clunking along. I was borrowing my daughter's Hello Kitty Janome, which sewed great...but it was small.  This's a dream to sew with. I haven't wanted to do a review until I can learn more features...each time I sit down, there's so much more to learn! I hope to review it after quilt market. I LOOOOOVE my machine...swoon.
One of the cool things about the machine...You can connect it to your iPad with a great app. The app shows you the visual progress of your design, and where it is in the stitch sequence. It will let you know when it's time to change thread colors, if the thread breaks, or if you run out of bobbin thread. (Which I'm buying in bulk these days....LOL) You can be in a totally different room of the house and know how it's coming along!
So this is the start of one of my projects...I'm using the star pattern from my new Rodeo Rider Collection for Riley Blake.

You might wonder what it is. I can't blame you. It doesn't look like much now.

I'll give you a hint...

I made one in paper a few weeks ago...

I've got lots more to go on this project, but since it has been coming along nicely; I think I'll make a boy version too!
Do you want to take a guess at what it is going to be? This photo might help.

Update...for those of you who guessed cuckoo're right. And can get the embroidery file for the clock, the pattern, and project instructions FREE! Details can be found here:

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