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Monday, September 29, 2014

Make A Wish with Burlap by Cathy

Welcome Samantha Walker Fans!  Cathy here with you 
today and I am totally addicted to printing quotes onto printable burlap.  I found it at Walmart in the hobby aisle, and it goes through my printer like a dream.  So much fun to create instant art at very small price!

I chose Samantha's "Make a Wish" file to add some inspiration to my studio!

First, open up the design in your Silhouette Studio and change your page setting to 8.5 x11.  Next, go to ALIGN and center the design to the page!

Now go to Fill color, ungroup the design, highlight each row and choose your fill color.  Keep in mind to choose a bit brighter of a color, as the burlap will mute it just a little.

Next, you need to change the line color on all of the words. You want to change the red color, or cut on Line Color and again just click the colors to match your fill colors.
That's just click the printer in your Silhouette Studio and your done!  All you have to do is frame it and hang it! 

Can't wait to see what you create with Samantha's quotes and designs!

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