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Tuesday, June 24, 2014

A New Silhouette Promotion!

It's time again for a Silhouette promotion! 

This month's promotion features...
 a CAMEO bundle 
a Portrait bundle 
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Creative Team Member Diana created this fabulous 
Animal Party Mask Favor using her CAMEO!

Hi! Diana Fisher here with you today. It's about that time for parties for the little ones. Whether it is a pool party, a little weekend get together or a birthday party, you may want to have a little something extra for the kiddies.

Here is a step-by-step tutorial on how to make animal party masks using fun animal files you may already have from Samantha Walker. 

I started with the Ice Skating Raccoon file. She also has a fox and a bunny that would work, too.

This is the file as it is when you download it. You be un-grouping and deleting the pieces you don't need.

After you are done deleting, you'll have the body, nose and face. Using the eraser tool, erase all of the body creating a chin on the head. 

I measured a face and it seems like 10 inches wide is a good size to make the mask. It may be a little big on a toddler, but perfect for elementary ages. I also made the holes for the eyes on the mask larger.

Once all sized together, then separate the pieces and put them on two different mats. You can see here how I divided my pages. The top of the first sheet cut light grey paper. The bottom of it cut black.

Below, will cut dark grey for both the top and the bottom cuts. 

Before I cut this last file, I added circles to the sides of the head. This is where I will add twine to be able to tie the mask on.

Once you have all of your pieces cut, you can get some adhesive and twine to begin assembling the mask.

I wanted to have some flexibility for the eye holes on the head, so I did not cut them with the Cameo. I measured afterward and cut them with a small knife.

Once everything was assembled, I tied on the string, leaving one end loose for fitting.

There you have it! A fairly easy way to make masks for a child's event or party. You can have them ready and prepared in advance, or just cut the pieces and have the kids put them together for their party craft. 

Remember, these deals end July 5th!
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