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Thursday, May 22, 2014

The Little Things with Tammy Malone

Sometimes the littlest things take up the most room in our heart - Winnie the Pooh

The joyous occasion of welcoming a child in to this world can quickly turn to sorrow, as it did for our pastor and his wife. They had anticipated the arrival of another great grandchild only to find themselves 8 days later standing at a graveside with no words to bring comfort to their grandson and his family.

While life does not always play fair, we can try to bring comfort to those that are hurting. Our church decided to give them a rose bush in memory of their great granddaughter so I was chosen to create a special card to go with the gift. 

 I chose the Sloped Bendy Card and Box since it would be something they could display on a coffee table or nightstand.

  1. Cut out all of the pieces for the Sloped Bendy Card along with an inset for the patterned paper. Adhere the patterned paper to the card pieces.

  2. Add adhesive tape to to both flap edges.

  3. Align fold with the bottom of the card base and adhere to the card.

  4. Fold in the large flap (left) and attach the tab in the pre-cut slot on the card base.

  5. Fold in the small flap (right) and attach the tab in the pre-cut slot located on the front of the large flap.

  6. This is how your Bendy card should look when assembled.

  7. Cut out a label from the 5 Label Set along with an inset for both the label and oval. Assemble all of the pieces.

  8. Use a Sketch Pen or a Print and Cut for the quote on the label. Attach to the oval mat and adhere to the card base.

For the finishing touches I cut out various sized flowers from different patterned papers along with a couple of butterflies. After adding the name to the bottom of the smaller flap, I attached the flowers along the top edge of the card. I added some hand-cut leaves along with the two butterflies.

 The left-over flowers and butterfly were used to accent the Card Box and a lightweight magnet was added to the box lid to keep it closed during the presentation.

Rarely do you ever hear me bragging on my own work, but I have to say that this is one of my most favorite cards that I have made in spite of the circumstances surrounding its creation.

Products Used:
Samantha Walker: Bendy Card Box Basic in the Silhouette Online Store Samantha Walker: Bendy Card and Envelope Sloped in the Silhouette Online Store 

Samantha Walker: Butterfly in the Silhouette Online StoreSamantha Walker: Flower Spiral Gardenia in the Silhouette Online Store

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