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Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Spring Treat Purse Bags by Pinky

Hey there SW friends, 
It's Pinky today and I am so excited about these new Purse Files from Samantha!

I decided since it is spring and Easter is also approaching, 
I wanted to make my girlfriends gift "purses" with candy in them.
Because I am super rad like that~ 

I fell in love with this Purse With A Circle Handle and knew
I wanted to make my "baskets" out of them. 
Now you can see I stitched mine on the tooling....when I say I...
I mean I bribed a friend to do it! 
I drug her to a really boring event and put a needle in her hand...
then bought her pizza- so thank you Melissa Cook, you all
can appreciate what a great job she did!
The perforations are perfect to stitch with needle and thread. 
 After the front and back were stitched, I folded all the edges over and
covered them with strong adhesive. 
 Then I also covered the sides with adhesive for extra sturdy 
sticking since I was going to put candy in it. 
 You can find Samantha's awesome tutorial HERE.
I attached the sides. 
 Then followed the same ideas with the adhesive for the button flap. 
 I pressed inside with my fingers making sure everything was adhered. 
 Then I attached the circle handles and added this bow.
Now there are flowers but I loved the bow so much, I just
couldn't put anything else on it.
 Except a strand of pearls around the handles. 
After it was completed I filled it with lace and candy- 
Now who doesn't love lacy and candy!
I hope you enjoyed my project today- 
I used the following products:
Xyron Adhesive, Ribbon. 


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