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Saturday, March 22, 2014

Matryoshka Dolls - A Print and Cut Tutorial

Print and Cut is a two part process. Your printer prints, and your Silhouette cuts. You can print and cut your own images, fill images with printable patterns, or just use items from the Silhouette store that are ready to Print and Cut. Today, we're cutting one of Samantha's images that is ready for the Print and Cut process. 

The small P indicates this project is for Printing and Cutting.

Silhouette has a step by step tutorial as well, and that can be found here.
  1. Open a new file.
  2. From the FILE menu, select Page Set Up. Because I'm printing on 8.5x11 cardstock, I chose US Letter, then clicked OKAY.
  3. From the FILE menu, select Registration Mark Settings and check the box "Show Reg Marks" - I also increase the Reg Mark Size to Thick. (see below) 
  4. Open your chosen Print and Cut image from your Silhouette Library. I opened and made an extra copy, and rotated the two images 90ยบ Clockwise. I'm using the Accordion Fold Matryoshka Doll #14597 designed by Samantha Walker for the Silhouette Online Store. 
  5. Send the project to your Silhouette. Select "Click here to print." and print your project.
  6. Place your printed page onto your Silhouette mat in the same orientation it appears on your screen. Send the project to your Silhouette. Select "Click here to skip printing." Follow directions and "continue." Now you will see the Cut Menu. Select "detect automatically." Your Silhouette will immediately begin to register the marks. Nothing is being cut at this time. Once the registration mark detection is completed, you will then have an option to CUT.
If you plan to re-create your project, just save your project, reopen and repeat steps 5 and 6.

For those of you that prefer a video, this video is provided by Silhouette. The project uses Silhouette's White Sticker paper, but the Print and Cut process would be the same.

Note: For best results, use a nice cardstock. I have my images printed locally for just .17 on my printer's "House" cardstock(Pegasus by Mohawk papers) and it looks really nice and cuts very smoothly. I make sure to use a clean mat in good condition. If you have debris or some deep cuts, it can throw off the cutting ever so slightly, and you may not be as pleased with the results. If you find that your image is not being cut well even with a nice mat and quality paper, you may need to calibrate. Please refer to Silhouette's Calibration instructions here

Now that we've cut our Matryoshka Dolls, let's make something!

I am wrapping a gift, so I thought a doily would look nice on top. I'm using Samantha's Doily Making Set #42323, but just two of the pieces.

  1. Open Doily Making Set from your Silhouette Library.
  2. From the Object menu, select Ungroup.
  3. Delete the parts you won't need. I've deleted all but the largest doily and the middle mat. 
Select UNGROUP from the OBJECTS menu and click on any pieces you don't want, then delete. I'm using the largest doily and the mat directly underneath. I dragged the mat away and filled it in with red. See below. Note: If you'll be moving the doily, be sure to highlight all the pieces and "re-group" - it's 

I like to color my pieces just so you can see what's what in the finished project. I'm cutting the doily in white and the mat in red.

Once my pieces were cut, I matted the doily on some patterned paper and tucked the folded Matryoshka Doll on top of the doily under a Hemp bow and a few flowers. I wrote a little message on the back of the doll. The card slides right under the knot in the Hemp bow and flowers and can easily be pulled out, no adhesive needed.


Pegasus Cardstock by Mohawk, Red Cardstock, Patterned Paper (October Afternoon), Kraft Paper on the Roll (available at Amazon), Hemp/Jute, Flowers (Prima, Wild Orchid), Adhesive (ThermoWeb, AdTech)

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