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Tuesday, December 03, 2013

Tri-fold Holiday Scene Card by Diana Fisher

Hi! Diana Fisher here with you today to share a tutorial on how to best use the tri-fold scenery cards available from Samantha Walker in the Silhouette store. You can find the file for this card here.

To get set up to cut your pieces, you'll want to select the file and 
then ungroup all of the pieces. 

Once they are ungrouped, you can reposition them into the areas of the cutting mat where you will be assigning them colors.

My top area is white card stock — the base for the card. Bottom left is green and bottom right is grey.

I started a second file and moved the snowman, the warm wishes, the carrot nose and the scarf into their own quadrants. This makes it easier for me to just use 6x6 papers set up into fours. 

After all of your pieces are cut, you can start to assemble the card. I adhered the green trees to the white card stock base. 

Since this is a wintery scene, I have to share one of my favorite things to use this time of year: embossing paste. Using a stencil, you smooth it through the dots using a sponge or brush to make a textured, soft-looking snowfall effect. I've used gesso, too, but the embossing paste looks the most like snow. It dries pretty fast and has a texture to it once dried. 

Once the layer with the trees is finished, I assembled the snowman layer. He also gets a brush of embossing paste for some more snow fall.

Once the basic pieces from the card are assembled, you can put some finishing touches on the card. I added enamel dots for ornaments to the trees and some more for the snowman's buttons.

For this cad, you'll want to write on the areas covered by the other layers, so you won't see your writing through the trees. 

Thanks for stopping by here today to see my holiday scene tri-fold card. These are some of the most rewarding cards you can make, and they are worth every step it takes to make them. Check out Samantha Walker's silhouette files for more cute card ideas.

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