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Monday, November 18, 2013

Silhouette Tutorial: how to make cupcake wrappers

****Please Note****
These designs have been uploaded into the Silhouette store, and will become available as they process through the Silhouette queue. 

Best part about these designs...they are easy!
We will be assembling a few of them, the others go together in much the same way, so instructions should translate to the others.
Cupcake Wrapper 1: "Elf Dive" 
 cut the parts with your Silhouette machine in appropriate colors. I used white for my legs, black for the boots, and green for the elf skirt. I added stripes to my elf legs with copic markers.

Then I added the green elf skirt and black boots, the glued the two mirrored elf leg sets together with a toothpick in between. I used a strong paper glue for this.

Then I added the belt and buckle to the elf skirt, and curled the points.
Then I joined the elf skirt (cupcake wrapper) with glue. Measure your cupcakes before this step so you know how tight to make your loop. Now just put your cupcake in the center and stick the legs into the cupcake. That's it! 

Cupcake Wrapper 2: "Let it Snow"
I love the humor in this one...a halfway melted snowman is achieved by adding an extra dollop of frosting on the top of the cupcake.

First I assembled the hat and scarf. This goes together much the same way as the elf legs. Layer on the parts, then sandwich a toothpick between the two mirrored hat pieces with glue.
To assemble the wrapper, put a bead of glue along the two sides and along the bottom of the scalloped piece, then add the piece of contrasting cardstock. By glueing only the bottom edge, the paper will be more flexible when curving it around to close the wrapper circle. Use this technique with any of the double layered cupcake wrappers in this collection.
See how nice the contrasting color looks behind the white! (ooops...Nevermind that I'm showing you the wrong snowman head for this wrapper. I made these at the same time. This wrapper is kitted with the top hat and the can buy the other snowman cupcake wrapper set and switch the heads around.)
While the glue from the layers is still setting, go ahead and glue the ends of the wrapper circle together. Now frost your cupcake, add sprinkles, a dollop of frosting for the melting snowman head, and voila! 

Cupcake Wrapper 3: Snowman
Now well assemble the snowman cupcake wrapper.
The trick on this one is one I like to use from time to time. When making a face with small parts, and I don't want to cut a separate piece of paper for the eyes, I go ahead and cut the face out of one single color of paper, then I just color in the eye and mouth pieces with a marker. Then I lay the colored pieces into the positions on the face that they came out of.
Sandwich a toothpick between the two mirrored snowman heads.
Add the hat, and contrasting parts.
Add the carrot nose. Assemble the bottom cupcake wrapper portion like the cupcake wrappers above...and done!
Cupcake Wrapper 4: Hot Cocoa

This one is my favorite. There are two ways to assemble it. One is following my instructions below...the other is using a real candy cane and marshmallows in the mug shaped cupcake wrapper.

First fold the handle as shown. Then glue the cupcake wrapper ends together.
Then glue the handle over the seam.
Use markers or stamping ink to color the edges of the marshmallows.
Glue the marshmallows, red stripes of the candy, and steam to the candy cane base piece.
Sandwich a toothpick between the two mirrored parts. To frost this one, use cocoa colored frosting, and a dollop of white frosting for the look of whipped cream...add a few sprinkles if you wish.
Cupcake wrapper 5 and 6: Santa Claus Chimneys

First fold and assemble the chimneys by putting glue on the tabs and holding the closed.
Fold the snow over the edge and hold together with your fingers or with crafting clips.

Layer the Santa robe pieces together.
Add the belt and the buckle.
Sandwich a toothpick between the two mirrored parts.
Hold together with your fingers or with craft clips like these wonder clips.
Clover Wonder Clips, 50 Per Pack
Now we are going to assemble the other Santa. Color the edges of Santa's mustache with a marker or stamping ink.
Color the area behind Santa's eyes black. Since I cut the beard and face piece together out of white, I  also colored the white face piece skin color.
Layer the face piece over the area you just colored black.
Glue the mirrored Santas together with the toothpick in the middle.
Hold together with clips if desired.
Assemble the roof piece as shown and glue it to the side of the chimney with the two bricks.
After I made 18 different cupcake wrappers, I took the cupcakes to my brother's house for a family party...
and the kids loved them!
 It was fun to have a tray of all different nephew was pleased as punch with his little turkey cupcake.
 My niece had a hard time choosing which one...
My daughter knew just which one she wanted...she's pretending to drink her hot cocoa cupcake. Fun!

Good Times!

Hope you can enjoy these cupcake wrappers this holiday season!
Happy Crafting!
Samantha Walker

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  1. these are adorable .... I am jealous - I can not get my Silhouette make such beautiful cuts!
    Sandra ltb

  2. Sandra, yes you can! If your machine isn't working with you, then you need to check a few things. My machine is 2 years old, and still cutting like a champ. I have to change the blade after about 40- 60 cuts. (for me, that could be every other week.) Also, the paper you cut will make a big difference. Some paper is very fibrous, and will get stuck in the blade casing, or naturally tear. You have to cut with certain kinds of paper to avoid frustration. I like american crafts cardstock and carta bella textured card stock...those two are my favorites. You also need to make sure your blade is set correctly for your paper. Also, if your mat is no longer sticky, your paper will slide. If all those things have been considered, it's time to chat on the phone with Silhouette customer service. They can be super helpful and can help you get to the bottom of your cutting issues. I also just recently did a blogpost about cutting detailed designs. Hopefully something will help. Once you make friends with your machine, it will be your biggest craft asset.

  3. These are GREAT!!! I have got to find an event that will allow me to serve cupcakes now. Thanks for sharing your amazing talent with Silhouette. I have purchased quite a few of your designs. Keep up the good work!

  4. These are so very cute. Love the hot cocoa and the snowman. I will be looking for these in the store.

  5. I already added these cupcake wrappers to my collection! They are adorable and I can't wait to use them. Thank you!!!


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