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Monday, November 25, 2013

Silhouette How Did You do that: Doily Edge Cups

Thanks for visiting today! Not only do I have a tutorial for you today, but also, If you didn't take the chance to enter the Silhouette Cameo giveaway that I am would be a great time to enter! Details are at the bottom of the post!

Hope you are getting excited for Thanksgiving and then we'll be rolling into the Holidays shortly after that!
I know I am super excited! First off, I love all the family parties, and the excitement of the kids. One of the other things that I love is baking cookies and making candy to share with my neighbors. It's even better if I have something pretty to put my creations in. That's why I designed decorative cups this week for the Silhouette store.

These designs were made to be cut with the Silhouette Cameo or the Silhouette Portrait digital cutting machine. 

The digital cut lines for these cup designs are found in my portfolio at the Silhouette Store.

These cups can be used for gifting small treats, or using in your office for organization. They also would be fantastic as luminaries for battery operated tea lights.

To assemble these cups, you will use the same technique for all the designs. I will show you how to assemble the basic cup because it has a lid, and you will want to see how that goes together. I call this one the ice cream pint. (it's a little smaller than a pint of ice cream, but pretty close in size when finished.) 

I'll also show you how to assemble the window area on the window cups. 

All the other cups will use the same technique to assemble the base and to glue the side seam. 

Okay...Here we go!
1. Cut all the pieces from double sided card stock.
2. Bend the paper back and forth to "train it" into a curve shape.
3. Fold all the base tabs, and choose which side of the card stock you want to show on the bottom. I like the contrasting card stock color to show on the base.
4. Put glue on the tabs on the base.
5. Line up the tabs with the bottom edge of the piece of card stock that will become the container, and glue the first tab. I like to use Clover Wonder Clips to hold the card stock together while glueing. You can also hold the tabs with your fingers. (you will have to wait until it dries a bit if holding with your fingers.)
6. Start curving the card stock around the base tabs, and continue glueing all the way around. Notice that the tabs butt up right next to each other as you glue them around. Continue clipping as you go.
7. Finish glueing all the way around. 
8. Move onto glueing the side seam.
1. Put glue into the side seam, and seal with your fingers.
2. Turn cup on it's side and flatten the seam edge from the base to the top, making sure to smooth out any buckles or puckers. 
3. Hold until glue is set or clip until dry.
4. Move onto assembling the lid.
1. Fold the tabs around the lid, and apply glue to about half the tabs (you will add more as you go, you just don't want it to dry too quickly.) 
2. Start your slightly thicker strip of paper at the first tab. Hold with your fingers or a clip.
3. Continue to glue the strip around the entire edge of tabs until you come full circle, making sure to add glue where the strip ends overlap.
4. Get the slightly narrower strip, and glue this to the inside of the lid. Hold the strip inside the lid with your fingers or clips until the glue dries.
5. Find your circle piece and glue the top of the lid, and adhere the circle and smooth from the opposite side.
Let everything dry and place the lid on the cup. 
Fill with treats for a simple gift.
Now I'll show you how to do the window variation.
It only takes a few extra steps:
1. Before you start the steps above, you will want to glue the window into your cup.
2. You will want to cut the window shape that is slightly larger than the tree (in this case) from transparency film.
3. Glue the edges of the transparency down first.
4. Glue the rectangular shape with the tree window in it next.
5. While the glue is still tacky, train a curve into your card stock. Take the time to smooth out anywhere if the paper wants to buckle.
6. Go to the assemble the base section, and then follow through the rest of the steps. 
Now…are you ready for another chance to win?

Today we are teaming up with Silhouette to give you a chance to win a 
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All you have to do is fill out the Rafflecopter form below!  
The winner will be announced 11/28!  Good Luck...
Supplies used to make this project:

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