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Monday, October 21, 2013

Silhouette Tutorial: Ice Cream man box

I don't know about you...but I like to eat ice cream year round...and that means any time is a good time for ice cream themed projects. The ice cream theme is perfect for birthdays, showers and gift giving. With ice cream on the brain...I created a little ice cream man box for your future parties and gifts.

Here is a link to the design in the silhouette online store: Box Ice cream Mouse 

This design can work on both the Silhouette Cameo or the Silhouette Portrait. If you use the Silhouette Portrait, ungroup the design. Select the main box piece, turn it so that it is straight up and down, and not on a diagonal. Regroup all of the piece, then scale the design to 70%.

The file does have several pieces, but I'll show you how to cut efficiently and also give you a little tip to help move the project along a little faster.
Open the file in the Silhouette Studio software. Cut the main box piece from white card stock.
Set the box piece aside.
Next select the grouped pieces and slide them over as shown in the photo above. They have already been grouped in areas that can be the same color. This will make your project go a little faster. Go ahead and cut strips of paper to accommodate the areas on the screen that correlate with your cutting mat.
Depending upon how new your mat is, because you are cutting several smaller pieces of paper at the same time, you may want to tape down the edges of the paper strips to prevent movement when cutting. 

****Time saving tip: use Silhouette's adhesive paper and it will make the following steps (where you paper piece the mouse) go much faster. This paper comes with adhesive and a removable backing. This paper is specially designed to adhere to the cutting mat so that the removable backing grips instead of slides like some removable backings. 

After you have all your pieces cut, assemble in the order above.
 Continue building up your pieces adding the wheels.
Then add the spokes, fender, and hub.
 Add the ice cream cone silhouette.
 and the ice cream.
Add the striped awnings.
 Now crease the main box.
 Start attaching sides beginning with the bottom of the cart.
 Glue the second side on the bottom of the box, making sure that corners line up. 
 Now attach the cart freezer door. Be sure to put the glue on the right side. Insert the tab into the top of the cart.
 You can choose to have your door hinged on the side with the mouse or the opposite side.
 Hold the freezer door in place until the glue is set.
 Go to the next side of the cart, and glue both sides.
Now put glue on the flaps of the top of the freezer box. Pinch them into place.
 You may want to hold them in place while drying with Clover Wonder Clips. (made for quilting but the come in handy for crafting--especially for holding projects together while gluing!)

Glue the awning roof together. I'm using Tombow mono adhesive it's a great paper glue that holds paper well without curling it.
 (Please note, I changed the design slightly after assembling this and decided to continue the awning all the way around. You will need to fold down the front awning and attach it to the sides, and find the separate piece of awning to glue to complete the awning all the way around.)

attach the colored roof piece.
Bring both sides of the mouse together at his back and attach the tab to the other mouse.
Clip it together to hold it together while drying. You may want to add a dot of glue to hold the mouse ears together, but it isn't necessary.

Now fill the cart with candy or another special treat. 

Hope you enjoyed this project!
Happy Crafting!

Samantha Walker


  1. This is adorable; I'll be looking for this in the Silhouette store.

  2. Wow how cute and
    fascinating to see
    all the steps.
    Thanks for showing
    Carla from Uah

  3. It's now available in the Silhouette store...there is a lag time between when it is uploaded into the queue and when it arrives in the store. It is there now:


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