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Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Sail Away With Me Card and Wave Tutorial by Aimee

Hi!  Aimee back today!  A couple of weeks ago I made some tag shaped cards for the Samantha Walker and JustRite blog hop. Today I am going to show you how to make the tag shaped card and the “waves” from my “sail away with me” card

Here's the tutorial...
To make the tag card:
1.     Cut a 4x12 piece of cardstock, fold in half
2.     Cut dog ears and punch hole

To make the waves:
3. Use Samantha Walker JustRite Bunting & Button Die. Cut 4 pieces of cardstock {different colors optional} with the scalloped bunting.
4. Fold each bunting over the other; this will allow the paper to be manipulated and the bunting to go straight
5. Add a small amount of adhesive to the top {in this case the bottom} of the bunting. Adhere to the tag
6. With alternating colors lay the next piece of bunting so it just over laps the first layer. Repeat this for steps 7 & 8
9. Cut the “tails” of the bunting off
10. Carefully fold the bunting up to give a 3-d effect {this is why you only glued the top of the bunting and not the whole bunting}
11. Stamp and hand cut Samantha Walkers All Boy sentiment and sailboat stamp
12. Add foam adhesive and place where desired

Thanks for stopping by today and seeing how I made this card!

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