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Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Introducing my NEW Delicate Doilies die Set for Spellbinders

Hi! Hope you are enjoying your summer! 
I know I am. My kiddos are keeping me busier than ever between swim team with my oldest, swim lessons with my youngest two, Chinese day camp, piano, and guitar...and a few trips to the local water park. Summer by far is my most favorite season, and this one has been fantastic!

As much as I love to spend time outside in the summer, when my new Delicate Doilies die set from Spellbinders arrived in the mail on Monday, I couldn't wait to get a chance to play with them! 

I have to say, I think this project went together in record time. I started playing...tried an idea...then the project practically built itself. I know you will love playing with this die set too. 

There's just so much you can do with it!
You can cut windows, you can cut doilies, you can cut circular shapes with delicate edges, or any combination of those!

In this project, I'll show you how to use the die in each of those ways...

Ribbon Rosette Card

First I ran just the large doily center piece through the Grand Calibur.
(here, I'm using the die like a window by just using the lacey center of the doily)

 Then I folded the card stock in half like a card.
Next, I centered the outside ring of the large doily around the cut center...making sure to leave a few tips of the die hanging over the left edge along the fold, so that my cut would cut a card that is hinged.
When I am trying to get my die in an exact place, I like to tape it down with painters tape. 
This tape is easier to get off of the card stock without pulling up any paper fibers.
 (here, I'm just using the outside shape of the will serve dual purpose, as it will cut my doily window now with a doily edge, but the inside of the card will just be the outside shape of the doily. That's the really cool part about this can use the centers and the edges independently of each other.)
 Then I cut a little doily rosette using both the ring and the center at the same time. 
(Here, the dies are getting used at the same time to cut the center and the edge simultaneously)
Then I used the medium circular shape to cut a yellow 'mat' for this little doily.
(now I'm just using an outer edge again.)
I layered the doilies onto the front of the card to make it like a fancy rosette.
 Then I glued ribbon onto the back of the card.
In a contrasting card stock, I used the large pointed circular shape to cut a back for the card. 
I rotated it so that the points alternated on the front. 
(I used a double sided card stock that is light pink on one side and yellow on the other.)
and here's how it turned out. I think it's really pretty, and best part, it was a really quick design.
Here's the card when it's open. You can see how it is attached at two of the points where the card folds.

I'm looking forward to playing with this set again soon, and exploring even more ways to use it. Feel free to share your Spellbinders creations with me, using my sets, at my e-mail link on the right. 
I love to see what creative things you are doing!

Products used to make this project:
Happy Crafting!


  1. So cute!
    Can't wait to play with these.

  2. Hi Samantha ,congrats on your new die it is stunning,love the card and thank you for the inspiration.
    Ita in Ireland

  3. I love this new Spellbinders set, it is so delicate and stunning! I can't wait to play...and your ribbon card is brilliant!

  4. What a neat set. Can't wait to work with them Just have to get them first. Love them

  5. Absolutely love these dies. Time to save my pennies!!!

  6. Love the die, it's a must for my wish list.

  7. I really, really like them.

  8. Love those dies!!!!!

  9. Another set to add to my drool list.

  10. AMAZING~!! Fabulous tutorial :)

  11. I'm a BIG doily fan!

  12. I want them-anther thing to add to my wish list. Beautiful!

  13. I LOVE this set... and i'm sooooo in envy over it! I need to get this set for sure!



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