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Thursday, July 19, 2012

A Little Fabric Purse by Mandi Miles

Hi! Mandi Miles here. This is a little project I did as a Creative Team member at the Jessica Sprague site where Samantha sells her awesome digital designs. I didn't really have any plans in mind when I got Samantha's purse cut file and started working on a project. I cut and assembled a quick paper version which my girlie promptly grabbed and destroyed in her play. She then proceeded crying for another purse. Hmm... the last thing I wanted to do was cut loads of paper purses that would last 5 minutes. Tops. I mean, the girl is three. So, fabric. It would have to be fabric. And tough. I had picked up some Heat-n-Bond a while back and was wanting to try cutting fabric anyway [I'm still learning how to use this cutter of mine :)], perfect. I love it when I have the supplies on hand!
Here's a bit of a tutorial:

1. Heat-n-Bond. It worked beautifully with the Silhouette Cameo, and I love that I can pick it up at Wal-mart or the local craft/fabric store.  I used the Heat-n-Bond Ultra because I knew I wouldn't be sewing. If you'll be sewing you'll need the Heat-n-Bond Light. Just follow the directions on the package for whatever interfacing you'll be using and prepare two 12 x 12 coordinating blocks of fabric. 

2. I always do a test cut and I realized that, as with most projects I've done, the settings indicated on the Cameo didn't quite cut it. So, for those of you with a Cameo, the settings I used are Speed: 5, Thickness: 33, Blade: 6, and then check cutting mat and double cut. I always do a double cut. It takes longer, but the end results are always better. Cut the first block using the pattern as is. Cut the second block to mirror the first. On the Cameo you do this by going to Object > Transform > Flip Horizontally.

3. With wrong sides together [the ones with the interfacing] use an iron on the settings indicated for the interfacing and line them up nicely and press the two cut purses together

4. Assemble the purse. I used my handy dandy glue gun to hold it together. Fabric glue may work as well, but I like the glue gun because I don't have to hold the pieces together forever while it dries.

And that's it. Embellish as desired. I made a flower using Samantha's Spiral Flowers cut file. I also had to make a fabric covered button for the center because I just may be the only crafter on earth who can't make spiral flowers...

My girlie loves this. She wants more. 

To see more of Mandi's work, visit her blog!


  1. I love fun! Don't you just love Samantha's stuff?

  2. Anonymous8:44 AM MDT

    SO cute!!! Where were these when my girls were little? I love them!! Great job!

  3. This is sooo sweet and adorable!

  4. Hi there! I was wondering if you peeled off the backing from the heat n' bond before cutting or left it attached? Have you tried both ways? What do you recommend?

  5. Hello to the Funeral Home :)

    I did peel the backing off before cutting. I haven't tried it both ways. I figure the reason the Silhouette calls for a Heat-n-Bond type product is for fabric stabilization. I think the backing left on would make it less stable. If that makes sense.


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