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Tuesday, March 09, 2010

I have spent the past few days sick as a dog...luckily, today...I'm not totally ill...but rather only a little ill. So I thought I would start my day off right with some inspiration to get me going. I wanted to share this amazing layout with you, because it certainly inspired me when I saw it. I think you will agree that Mikki Boyd did an amazing job with this page. I love seeing how innovative people can be...check out the little rhinestones Mikki used around the edge of the doily...and the cute details in the little doll she made and the cluster of pretty flowers on the left. Now sick or not...this makes me smile and want to create something today. Now, that's a good thing...because yesterday...I was nothing better than a couch ornament. Now only if the layout had an effect on inspiring me to get my dishes and laundry done too. Can't have everything.


  1. I hope you are feeling a bit better this afternoon Samantha. I left you a little home reamedy on Face Book. When you get feeling better, could you email me, I have a few request that only you could pull off I think. Thanks for all you do for us SIL Crazies

  2. Samantha Girl you do amazing designs for Silhouette... Great to see youre blogging again so we have a place to let you know how great you are...


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