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Wednesday, March 03, 2010

Silhouette Crazy!

(Card designed by Anary Baumgarth)
I just wanted to pop into my blog tonight to post...I know...a monumentous moment...because, as you can see...I haven't posted in almost a year. So...I'm not such a great blogger. That may change...or it may not, I'm not pressuring myself. I'm a Mom of 3 young kids, and I won't kid anyone...they are my number one priority.

However, tonight I did feel I had something noteworthy to say...and that is that I have been having the best time over the past 8 months because of a great company called, Silhouette. If you are not familiar with them...get familiar with them, right now. They ARE THE cutting edge of personal electronic die cutting machines--and for the past 8 months I have had the honor and priviliage of designing for them. They are innovative because they have such a fresh offering in new designs available almost every day in their online store for bargain prices. Seriously, I'm talking awesome designs for 99 cents or less...depending upon whether you do a subscription or not. This puts their die cutting machine a cut above the rest, as no other electronic die cutting company can boast such a similar program.

Through this amazing opportunity...I have been blown away at some of the projects that people have been sharing over on the Flicker Silhouette group. I have to admit, I'm a junky for seeking out projects of what people are doing with my designs. It is so much fun to see how other's creative minds can breath a different edge into my shapes. Things that make you go, "wow, I wish I thought of that."

Well tonight, I'd love to start sharing some of the projects that I've been spying. This first project was designed by, Anary Baumgarth. Wow...never would have thought to add glitter to my flower lace circle design. This card turned out so cute. I love her details on the bride. She e-mailed me and said that she had just barely started making cards...I'd say, she's off to an awesome start! Looking good Anary. Thanks so much for letting me show off your talents, and thank you so much for choosing to work with my designs.

I'm going to have to sign out...I've got the yoga shakes going on. I'm still very new to the whole yoga thing, and my body is like a mass of twanging rubber bands.


  1. GORGEOUS!!! I think we should post this on the ci blog!

  2. I just found your blog through the Silhouette shop. Keep blogging, please, you are such a creative person and very inspiring.


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