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Monday, March 22, 2010

How Traumatic...I mean Dramatic...

Though I am a "dramatic" person by nature in a low key setting...I am by no means a "dramatic" person with the ability to act in a real drama. I have some major anxiety issues...and the thought of reciting lines to a group of people (no matter how small) just makes my pinky tingle with nerves thinking about it. So when my friend, Sariah, called me a couple of weeks ago, asking me to help her sister in law out, and play a role in a local low budget student film...I had easily made my mind up ready to answer "no." But for some reason...the word, "yes" escaped my mouth instead. Much too late to retract it...all I could grab at, was thin air as that "yes" answer floated right there for all to hear. All I can figure, is that sometimes, we are tempted to do things that are completely out of character...something so out there...perhaps because we know that it will break us away from the monotony of day to day. Nevermind deadlines...nevermind it was a Saturday that my husband was actually home from work...nevermind that I suddenly had sick kids...I had commited to a small role in a little movie, and was going to see what adventure was in store for me.

I was told the movie was about a group of southern ladies (stuck in 80's fashion hence the big hair, aweful make-up and hideous clothes)...who had all been First Runner Up in one or multiple beauty pageants, and they were in a support group for various "weird" addictions. My addiction, not too weird...and a little too close to home...I was to play a shoe-addict. Other addictions included, makup tatoos (check out the lady in the magenta dress,) acting out smothering the queen in her sleep (chick in the red dress,) and multiple pageant addiction (the chick in the blue dress, and my friend Sariah who roped me into this.) The leader of our "support group" was also an addict of some sort and gets arrested by the FBI in the end, because she murders the queen of a pageant she was just named "first runner up" in so that she could slide into the queen role. Yes, a totally silly plot, with equally silly lines...but you know what...we had a blast bringing out a Southern drawl, and acting ditsy. 8 hours of work, for an 8 minute movie. What a hoot. I hope the UVU students who worked on this get a great grade...they did an awesome job.

I wouldn't say I'd "do it again," but I'm glad I did it. Please be kind with your comments...I know that my hair looks a little retro "Molly Ringwald" but that was the look they were going for. I don't think I ever wore that much make up in my life before. My face was seriously flaking off after 8 hours of that cake on my face. Whoa!


  1. Awesome! My husband does film so I have done my share of awful acting in short student films. :} I would love to see the final result, are they going to post it on-line anywhere? It sounds hilarious!

  2. I LOVE IT!! You look fabulously 80s!! And your hair can NEVER be big enough!! ;-)

  3. Crazy how those little "yes" words can slip out. But look how much fun you had.
    I'm glad you're going to do more blogging too, in your spare time.

  4. Yes, it was totally fun...and I bonded with friends in a way with that could have never happened any other way.


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