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Saturday, April 25, 2015

Samantha Walker Studio reveal: Moving in...

Craft room studio makeover remodel Samantha Walker blog
This post is part 7 of a 9 part series of my studio reveal...
if you want to catch up on the whole project you can read more in these posts here:

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Starting with a Door
Etching the glass doors
The story of the Printers Cabinet and Armoire (the debate to paint or not to glad I did not paint!!!)
The Floors
The Paint
Moving in (this post)
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The extras

Moving in...

So if you've been following my studio remodel, fast-forward... a moving in day! Hooray!

I apologize, I didn't take pictures during some of the steps that just flew by. We had someone come in and install my countertops and lower cabinets. Then it seemed like everything was together.

It felt so good to get all my crafting supplies out of storage. I had a very limited supply of accessible materials, but the majority of my stuff had been stashed away in boxes for almost 2 years!!! That was a crazy long time to be without it.

Of course, after two years, I ended up donating the bulk of it to Primary Children's hospital cancer ward. Thanks, Sariah, for bringing it up for me! I was so glad that the kids could use it!
Craft room studio makeover remodel Samantha Walker blog Hamilton printers cabinet for craft storage
Getting it organized...
It was overwhelming finally having a space to organize all my crafty stuff in again. I found this old printer's cabinet on KSL classifieds. You can read more about how I acquired it in this blogpost here. If you live in's kind of like a local Craigslist but much better. I got the upper oak cabinet used from KSL too.

It's a very eclectic mix and match room, as all of the cabinetry came used. I'm all about saving money!
Flat file countertop Craft room studio makeover remodel Samantha Walker blog
The flat files...
A few of you have asked me about my flat files. I actually won the files years ago from FLAX art and design. They've come in handy over the years, but they are awkwardly large and impossible to move. 

To remedy that...I had the countertop people install a matching counter on top, so that I could make use of that large space. Then my husband put my unit on casters. That way I can move them like an island around my studio. It's the perfect height to use as a cutting table for fabric. I store my cutting mats and cutting wheels in the top drawer for easy access. I also store wrapping paper, stamps, flattened mailing supplies, large paper and artwork in here. 

If you look to the left, you'll get a glimpse of my scrolly armoire cabinet. This is where I keep my fabric. I found this on KSL for super cheap! It's solid luan wood which is like mahogany. It's super heavy, and built like a beast! No particle board whatsoever. It made me so nervous when they guys carried it down to the basement. Thankfully, no one was hurt in the process. 
My Computer Area, and the Cute Chair delema...
This is my computer's the area of my studio that I use most. 

I would have made the desk counter longer, but there's a window in the way. Not complaining though. I have two windows to give my space natural light. In fact, I get so much light in here, that it doesn't feel like a basement at all. 

This corner can be a little crowded. It's a work in progress. I have since moved my printer off the side counter to free up my space. 

I'm guessing that the chair caught your eye. Isn't it cute!?! The chair came from Pottery Barn Teen. Don't you love how it coordinates with my space?

Note to self. Cute does not = comfortable.

I need another chair that is ergonomic. 

Ergonomic = ugly. 
(well at least the somewhat comfortable ones I've seen so far.)

Unfortunately, the cute chair works for a few hours, but certainly not for a full days work. 

I'm still shopping for the perfect office chair. They just don't seem to make them for ladies frames. I bought two others at Costco, which didn't fit me right at all. At first they seemed great. But then I got back pain (lumbar in wrong place,) leg pain (seat too deep cut off circulation,) shoulder pain (arm rests wouldn't go low enough,) ...the chairs quickly migrated to my husband's office and kids homework room upstairs. 

Office chair designers, get a clue! Women are NOT built like men. Our frames our smaller. Take notes on the key points I listed above...then make me a chair.

I need a woman's chair. 

Anyone have any suggestions? I've been everywhere...I still haven't found one that's ideal. It would be a bonus if it's cute. If not...I have fabric and can slip-cover it. (I see a future blogpost for that...)

If you are looking for a business idea...why not make a company that specializes in office chairs for women. Just imagine all the women in the work force...we need good chairs too! It's a much-needed category to fill...and if you do...make them cute! 
Craft room studio makeover remodel Samantha Walker blog
The best part about my office...
it has double doors that open to our family room where all the action is downstairs. I didn't want to be stashed away in a corner while I worked. (No one puts baby in the won't get it if you were born in the 80's or later.)

Simply put...I don't like to be cut-off from what's going on with my family...but at the same time, it gives me control to close the doors when needed. You can read more about how I etched the glass and painted the doors here.

Next up...I'll show you some of the details I built into my room. They are fun!

Do you have a craft nook or space you are proud of? Feel free to share links in the comments below.

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