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Monday, November 12, 2012

Advent Calendar Stand and Block Tutorial

Good morning!  Jamie with you and today I am going to walk you through how to assemble the Advent Calendar Stand and Blocks!  You can find these files in Samantha Walker's Silhouette Store 
There are two different versions of stands, the Santa and the Snowman and then the cubes work with both sets...have a look!

Today I am working with the Snowman Advent Calendar Stand and the Advent Calendar Blocks.

Stand Tutorial:
1. Cut out the Snowman Stand
2. Fold on all the score marks
3. Plus double-sided adhesive on both of the small ends as shown.
4. Remove the adhesive tape and fold the Snowman cut-out piece down.
5. Remove the adhesive tape on the other end and fold it back and secure it on the Snowman piece as shown.
6. This is a side view of the box.
7. Cut out the Snowman pieces in the colors you want.
8. Adhere the Snowman on to the stand.

Block Tutorial:

The cut file was designed to leave grouped together.  You can just move the pieces you want to cut to the active area (white mat) on the screen.

To start, move the two box pieces on to the main mat area.

Next, move the background box pieces to the active mat area.
1. This is what your cut boxes should look like.
2. Fold on all the score marks.
3. With this box you can add adhesive to the side tabs if you would like.  I have made my boxes without adhesive and they stay together without an issues.  I plan to fold mine flat and pack away with my Christmas decor for next year!  Fold up the two sides as shown.
4. Then fold up the next two sides.
5. Push the top piece down and tuck the flap inside the box.
6. This photo shows the white background pieces and the two completed boxes! 

Next, move the number pieces over to the active mat area.
I cut my numbers out with one full sheet of patterned paper and then cut them again with two smaller pieces of pattern paper.  You can customize the look with more or less cuts and papers!

We would love to see what you create with these files!
Be sure to link us up in the comments area!


  1. Anonymous4:21 PM MST

    Ty for the directions:)

    I picked this file up and can not wait to use it!!

  2. This is something that I'd love to make as a regular desk calendar with a place somewhere to put the month of the year.

    I saw one that comes in a paperkit on the UK Shopping Channel, Create & Craft - and thought 'I'd love to make one of those' then low and behold, found yours - I'd love just the cut file though - or one with months on too - you could make out of your favourite cardstock.

    I do love this advent calender though! x

    Paula x x x

  3. I love this file! Here's a link to the calender I created with it! :)


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