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Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Silhouette instructions: Halloween Candy Bar Crate and Gable Boxes

Due to an "interesting" summer, it's been a while since I've had some new releases in the Silhouette store. I hope you had a great summer. Mine was good, but busy and challenging beyond belief. Now that the kids are back in school, and things have settled down for the moment; I hope to catch my breath and have a more regular release-schedule of Silhouette designs. 

To start things off this Fall, I have designed a grouping of Halloween-themed boxes and crates. I hope you will find them useful for Fall gift giving. I would love to see what you do with them. Remember, you can share your projects with us through my blog e-mail address found in the sidebar.
For these projects you will need this Equipment:
A Silhouette Electronic Cutting machine. This file works great with both the Silhouette Cameo and the Silhouette Portrait cutting machines. If you use the portrait machine, you will need to rearrange the pieces to fit in your cutting area. To move the pieces around individually, ungroup the file under edit.

For those of you who are new to my blog, and may not have heard about the Silhouette electronic cutting machine(the machine I used to cut this file out,) I put together a product review at this link. You can read other's reviews of the machine here. This machine will change the way you craft, and most importantly, you will get lost in the fun of it all!

Glue (use a good paper glue like Tombow mono liquid glue it will not warp your paper.)
Double Sided adhesive. (I use a Scotch ATG 714 gun. Scotch got smart and made a similar one for crafters the Scotch Cat 085--it's quite a bit less $ than the 714. I like that it has a seemingly endless roll of adhesive. It saves a ton of money in the long run when compared to little craft adhesive dispensers. Especially if you buy the adhesive reels in bulk.)

You will also need these Silhouette Files:
spider and web gable box #66773
Halloween witch gable box #66750
Gable Box with Candy Bar crate #66749
Candy Bar Crate #66747
Design can be created with 1 sheet of 12x12 card stock

Candy Bar Crate instructions:
Cut the design out of double sided card stock that has a complimentary color or design on the reverse side.

1. Crease the center handle piece on dotted lines.
2. Crease both of the side boxes as shown.
3. Glue bottom tabs to the inside base of the box. (do twice. Once for each side box.)
4. If your small side tab is in front of the larger side tab, as in this picture, reverse them so they look like step 5.
5. Glue the small side tab to the inside of the side box. Flip down the scallops to reveal the reverse side of your card stock and secure it with glue or tape. (do twice. Once for each side box.)
6. Your side boxes should now look like this picture.
7. Now we are going to take the center handle section of the crate and attach the side boxes. Glue the back of the side boxes and the large side tabs that are sticking out. Attach the back of the box to the center handle section.
8. Wrap the large side tabs around the handle center piece so that it lines up with the scored dotted line. We will be folding this part underneath the bottom of the box. Look at the picture for placement.
9-10. Fold the bottom flap of the center section underneath each of the side boxes and use adhesive to secure.
11-12. Cover the bottom with the rectangle piece.
13-14. Cover the sides with the rectangle pieces with the fold-down scallops.
15-16. Fold the divider section, and glue to the inside of each side box.
17. Ta Da! You are done. Admire your work, look for anything that needs a little tweaking. Add a ribbon if you wish, then fill with your favorite candy bars.

Witch Gable Box instructions:
1. Open the file in the Silhouette Studio software. You will notice that color recommendations are made for different parts of the design. You can place those colors on your cutting mat at the same time according to the grid and how they show up on your screen. That is what I did in photo 1.
2. Glue the light green pieces to the black box as shown. I have designed this so it has as few pieces as possible for easy assembly.
3. Glue the eyeballs, teeth and tongue onto the box.
4. Glue the nose on, (it is the large oval with the little oval cut out of it, and the little oval that was cut out with the light green witch face parts.) Insert the light green highlight to the oval hole in the large nose piece.
5. Crease the box.
6. Fold the box around. Layer the bottom flaps as shown. The two slanted sides have a rounded rectangular piece that tucks slightly under the straight edge.
7. Insert the flat top triangle tab into the slot that is made. Adhere the side tab with glue or double sided-adhesive. Close the top by Inserting the top gable tabs into the slots on the top triangle pieces.
Now you are done! Fill it with goodies for your little goblins.
Candy Bar Gable box instructions:
This box combines the candy bar crate and the witch gable box instructions. With a few small differences.
Silhouette Studio set-up: This project requires 2 sheets of 12x12 card stock. You can resize and rearrange your pieces if you are using the silhouette Portrait.
Cut the Gable Box piece out of a contrasting color if you wish, fold it as instructed in the witch gable box above.
Now we will follow the numbered picture instructions.
1. Find your side box pieces for the candy bars.
2. Fold down the scallops and secure with adhesive.
3. Crease the side boxes as shown.
4-5. Fold the side boxes and apply adhesive to the tabs, as shown in pictures. You will end up with a box-like shape with extended sides jutting out.
6-7. Apply adhesive to the back of the box, and the jutting side pieces. Position the back of the box to the center gable box as shown, with the jutting side pieces lining up at the sides, then adhere.
8. Do this for both side boxes.
9-10. Cover the jutting side tabs with the fold over scallop rectangle pieces.
11-12. Fold the crate dividers.
13. Insert the crate dividers into the side boxes, secure with adhesive.
Fill with candy! You are done!

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