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Monday, June 23, 2014

Silhouette or SVG cutting Tutorial: Circle Baskets

This week in the Silhouette Online Store, you will find several new baskets in my store section. These are all based on a simple circle and the main part of the basket can be assembled with brads or adhesive. If you choose to assemble with adhesive, feel free to delete the brad holes in the Silhouette studio software.

For this project you will need this Equipment:
An electronic cutting machine. The download is available in .studio format for the Silhouette Electronic Cutting machine. It is also available in SVG cut file format for most other cutting machines like the Cricut Explore.

For those of you who are new to my blog, and may not have heard about electronic cutting machines,  I put together a product review at this link for the Silhouette machine, and this link for the Janome Artistic Edge. You can read other's reviews of the machine here. This machine will change the way you craft! 

You will also need these Silhouette Files:

or one of these SVG cut files from

Cardstock is from my Summer Lovin' collection from Carta Bella pattern is "Sunshine" 
Open the file in the Silhouette software. Cut the file out in a double sided card stock.

Fold inward along the dotted lines. Line up the curved sides so the brad holes line up.
Insert a brad into the lower lined up holes. Place basket handle at side and line up brad holes and insert brad. 
Get the bow piece and curve it with your fingers.
 You could also curve the bow with a pencil or a pen.
Put tape or glue at the center of the paper bow. I used a Scotch ATG tape glider. 
 Pinch the bow at the center where you applied adhesive.
 Take the small strip and apply adhesive then wrap around the bow.
Attach the bow to the front of the basket with adhesive, or a brad. (Brad holes are not included for that option, you would need to use an awl to punch a hole first. )
 This basket is assembled much the same way as the basket above with only the difference of the flag front. 
 Cut the pieces out in traditional colors for the flag, or come up with your own creative combination. 
 Simply layer the pieces as shown in the photo above, then attach to the front of the basket. Fold and assemble as shown in the steps in the basket above.

Multi Layer Bow Instructions

Find the T shaped piece, this will be your bow center. 
 Curve both sides with your fingers or around a pencil.
Curve each of the other strips around your fingers or around a pencil.
 Attach each section at the center with adhesive.
 Stack the bow pieces on top of each other and apply adhesive between each layer.
 Finish the bow with the T-shaped section and wrap that tail around the bow to secure it. 
  This basket is similar to the one above, the layered bow is pinched in the center instead of straight. 
 This basket has a fun scalloped edge and a scalloped layered bow. Assemble the bow as shown above.

If you use glue, use wonder clips to hold your paper in place until dry. A good paper glue doesn't take long to dry...but clips certainly speed up the process even more!

If using glue, use a large wonder clip to hold the bow on while it dries. 

This basket features a large modern daisy-like flower. Simply manipulate the paper petals to fashion your flower how you would like. Layer the pieces and you have a fun embellishment for your basket.

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