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Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Cards in motion by Diana

Hello! Diana Fisher here with you today to share a card tutorial. Samantha recently debuted a fun bike card that is interactive — I immediately loved it! Oh the whimsy! The card is originally built to be a shorter card that is wider than it is tall. Since the cards I make are almost always tall, I set out to edit the studio file to accommodate my card making style. Here is my tutorial for that process.

When you open the studio file in the Silhouette software, you'll see this on your screen (if you have the mat set for 8.5 x 11)

After ungrouping the pieces, take the card base, the clouds and the circles that hold the wheels and put them on one sheet. 

You'll notice that the base of the card in the above screen shot is much shorter. I was able to ungroup the slit from the base and the perforation. I pulled the bottom until the height of the card was 11 inches. I pushed in the sides until it was 4 inches wide. The perforation stayed in proportion and it was easy to move the slit and adjust accordingly.

Take the grass, sun and bike and put them on another sheet. You will cut the above out of white card stock and the below screen will have green paper in the top left corner, pink in the top right and yellow in the bottom left. 

After you've cut your pieces, adhere one blade of grass above the slit. Then take the bike and the circles. Using small brads (most of us have them in our stash somewhere!) run the brad through the front of the bike, through the slit, through the circles and then close down the tabs. It will look like this when completed.

Flip the card over and it should look like this. You'll be able to push the bike along the slit easily. If it resists, loosen the brads.

I added a strip of grass in the front of the bike. It means that the bike won't move as far along the card because of the foam dots in the way, but it does move a little — enough to still make it fun.

Place the foam dots where you would like them and then put the grass on top, pushing firmly to get it to stick.

Now that the bottom of the card is done, you can work on the top. Remember that we cut the clouds out of the white card stock? Give them just a little bit of color with a ink dauber foam sponge. It's an easy way to give clouds a touch of texture.

You can see here in the final card that I also added some white ink faux stitch marks on the clouds and a stamped sentiment from the All Boy Clear Stamps.

 Thanks for stopping to see my tutorial for adjusting the height on the interactive bike card.

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