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Saturday, March 08, 2014

Stencils with Silhouette Studio Files by Diana

Hi! Diana Fisher here today to talk a little bit about creating a custom stencil using a Silhouette Studio file. 

After I finished my stenciling, this is the finished card that I made. Read below for more on how I achieved this look.

I started with the Card Triple Heart Corner Pocket studio file from Samantha Walker.

After I ungrouped the pieces of the card, I isolated the single hearts. Then I created a pattern of falling hearts that you can see below.

You can buy a stencil material to cut out stencils you plan to use for a long time, but if you are just going to use this stencil a handful of times, you can use a 80 - 100 lb paper that is stiff and will hold your pattern well.

I held down the stencil with a small piece of taps and began to put down my colors. I started with a light pink and got a nice base color for the hearts.

After getting a good pink color, I began to add a little bit of a hot pink color. This is a raspberry ink from Avery Elle.

I added the color so that it was richer at the top and lightened as it progressed to the bottom. This works well with the falling hearts pattern I have on this card.

After I had the colors just the way I wanted, I removed the tape and the stencil. This is the fun part! 

As you can see above in the first picture, I then decorated my card using a sentiment from For All You Do Vintage Labels Stamps from JustRite, some vellum and sequins. I wanted the stencil to be the star on the card, so a minimal sentiment and embellishments did just the trick.

I hope you enjoyed my stencil tutorial today! 

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