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Sunday, February 02, 2014

Sketching on Fabric by Diana

Hi! Diana Fisher here today to show you how you can use your sketch pens on fabric paper for an easy project. 

I will insert a warning that the sketch pens for the Silhouette are not meant for fabric — the design will wash off in the washing machine. But, if you used the pen holder for the Silhouette and a fabric marker, this project would be resistant and washable. 

If you aren't going to be washing the item (like a tote bag) you don't need to worry about it being washable.

So, let's get started! First, you want to select your design. I chose this XO heart cut from Samantha Walker. You can see that I sized it to the top left corner and selected "sketch pen" in the right sidebar after I selected the "Send to Silhouette" icon in the top navigation.

I used an adhesive-backed fabric to sketch onto for my design. The sketch pens went on cleanly and didn't smudge. Since I'm only using this T-shirt for a quick Valentine's Day photo shoot, I'm not too worried that my design will wash off.

After it sketches, I will leave the mat in the Cameo. Do not remove it! You want everything to still be lined up. Moving even an eighth of an inch to the left or right if you have to put the mat back in can change the whole project.

Going back to the Silhouette software, select the Trace option from the Object menu. Choose Select Trace Area from the right side bar and then highlight your heart.

Once you have chosen the heart, trace using the Outer Edge option. You will get a second heart that is only the outside heart and not the inside XO detailing.

Using the shift key to keep it from scaling too far right-left or up-down, expand the outer heart to be just outside the heart you sketched. Delete the inside heart leaving only the single, plain heart.

Now you can switch the sketch pen back to a cutting blade. Select the "Send to Silhouette" option again and this time choose to cut it. I chose a fabric setting pre-set but then increased the pressure to 4 because of the adhesive backing. 

Once that is set and cut, you'll notice you now can remove the cutting mat from your Cameo and peel your sketched and cut heart from the mat. Time to apply it to a T-shirt (or tote bag). 

Remove the backing from your fabric. Place a piece of fabric or a dish cloth over your design, and using a warm iron adhere your design to your shirt or tote bag.  

To further secure it, stitch around the edges of the design. This will keep any edges from peeling away.

The final step is to find a cute model to show off your work! A special thanks to my little guy for always being so willing to help show off my project ideas. 

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