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Saturday, February 22, 2014

Quilted Purse with Nicole

Have you seen all the cute new purses?!  I'm not a girly girl and rarely carry a purse, but these are so dang cute!  I plan to make some of these and fill them with some candy and gift cards to give to my girlfriends for presents this year.

Samantha already posted a wonderful tutorial about how to put the barrel purse together.  This is available as both a silhouette studio file, or an SVG file from What I want to show is how I adding faux quilting with my favorite medium . . . vellum.  I know, I know, I need a twelve step program. ;)  Here is a look at the finished project and then I'll show you how I achieved the look.

I separated the body of the purse from the other elements in the file and cut these all from dark purple cardstock.

I then cut the exact same elements from vellum.  
Once the vellum was cut I then took each piece and laid it sideways on my scoring board.  

Carefully score at 1/2 inch intervals along the whole piece.  

Turn 90 degrees and score the exact same way.  Here is what it looks like after being scored in both directions.  

I now attached the vellum pieces to the base cardstock by using some liquid glue on just the notches.  

I knew I wanted to using machine stitching and that is why I took the time to glue the vellum to the base so it wouldn't move around so much as I sewed around the edges.  I added stitching to both of the larger pieces and along the edges of the oval and half moon ones.      
At this point I started to get really excited.  I love the effect of the scored vellum and it really was starting to look like quilted fabric. The straps I cut from a lighter shade of purple cardstock and then inked the edges lightly with some purple chalk ink.  

I did one last cut of the little furnishings in silver glitter cardstock.  

Here was the tricky part - assembly.  Samantha has already put together a wonderful tutorial here.  
I do want to mention that I put mine together with hot glue.  I don't always have the patience to wait for the liquid glue to dry and it helped when I put this one together since the vellum doesn't soak up glue as fast with it's smooth finish.  

Once assembled I topped it off with a seam binding bow, green leaves, and a vellum flower.  

Thanks so much for stopping by the blog today.  There are three new purse styles to choose from and I hear there might be a few more coming.  Here are the two files I used below.  Click on the pictures and it will take you right to the file in the Silhouette Store.  

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