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Saturday, January 25, 2014

Making Vintage Layered Flowers Using 4 Flower Pack

Hello there, Samantha Walker friends!

It's Pinky here, today, with a tutorial on making vintage style flowers 
using the 4 Flower Pack from Samantha's designs in the Silhouette Store!
 You might not instantly think of making layered 
vintage flowers but they are so easy to do...and let's not forget to mention fun as well! 

Click the file and UNGROUP. 
(This is found under Object, and is visible when you have something selected.)
Drag out 2-3 of the flower designs. 
 Copy and paste the flowers you want to use. 
(You can find this in the Edit menu, or you can use "command C" to copy and "command V" to paste if you are on a Mac. Use "Control C" and "Control V" on a PC.)
Shrink some of the flowers to create different sizes. 

Now that everything is cut, here's how you layer the flowers:
Fold flowers beginning from center- (pleating them).
Scrunch middle together and hot glue
Starting with smaller flower- nest into next size up using hot glue
 Nest them 2-3 layers deep. 
Using hot glue- add a button to the center of each flower. 
Thread beads on wire and bend them around to make sprigs.
 Adhere to card or box or any project that needs that special floral touch!
I hope you think outside of the box with Samantha's amazing files!

Until next time- Keep on creating. 

Here are some supplies to recreate the same look in Cristal's fabulous project:

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  1. BEAUTIFUL!!! Now I just need a Silhouette so I can get to work making these!!! Love the tutorials on how to use the Cameo to make beautiful projects like you have!!! Would love to be the lucky winner of this prize!! Thank you for the chance to win!!


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