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Saturday, September 28, 2013

Quick and Easy Fabric Memo Boards by Claudia Harvey

Hello everyone. Claudia here. I am so excited to share this project (and tutorial) with you today.

Fabric Memo Boards
I knew exactly what I was going to do with these adorable fabric quarters from Samantha's Serenata Collection when I received them; I had been wanting to make my own memo boards for a long time.

These are my supplies:
First thing I did was find a plate that was slightly larger than the cork boards; I wanted it to be an inch to an inch and a half larger to ensure that it would cover over the edges of the board.
Next, I grabbed my glue gun and work my way around to secure the fabric on the backside.

Finally, I used Command strips to hang them up on the wall. Have you ever used those? I love them! I use them for just about anything I need to hang. They were perfect for these. Oh, and in case you wonder, the round cork boards are from Ikea.

That's it! It really was quick and easy.

Now the only thing I haven't decided is if I am going to use them as memo boards or decoration; they look great just the way they are hanging now, don't you think?

other products and tools used to make this project:

Until next time.

Lots of happy hugs, 


  1. Great idea to make as gifts too..Thanks for sharing:)

  2. fun!! love this idea and command strips are the BEST invention ever! i used them to mount all the pieces in my Home Command Center.

  3. Loved this idea!
    A good Sunday!


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