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Saturday, July 13, 2013

Silhouette Tutorial cup cake box for 8.5 X 11 Portrait users

I've had a few requests to resize my cup cake boxes to make them user friendly for those of you who use smaller formatted cutting machines. This cupcake box is formatted for 8.5X11 paper. Most larger box designs will work with a smaller machine if you size them down, but when it comes to designs like cup cake boxes, that are really size specific; a new file needs to be created to accommodate you. I hope you can find fun and enjoyment with this file, and that it might find it's way into your parties and celebrations in your home! 

These cutting files are available at the Silhouette online store, or now in SVG cut file format at my new download store: I hope you will come visit and check it out.

Now for a tutorial on the new cupcake box, scalloped cup cake box and the window cupcake box.

Silhouette store links for these files in .Studio format: store links for these files in SVG cut file format:
The downloads include both the 12x12 one-piece version and the 8.5x11 two piece versions of the box in one download. 

(This cupcake box is slightly different in that the tabs that glue the two pieces together are streamlined and made smaller so that they don't show in the window area. They are also streamlined on the lid for the same reason. The box will essentially go together in the same way as the other two piece cupcake boxes, but the tabs will look a little different.)

 First, you will need to cut the box out in two phases.
 In the first phase you will open the file in the Silhouette Studio software, and it will have some of the image hanging off the live cutting area. This is what you want. There isn't enough room to fit it on one sheet of 8.5 X 11 cardstock. (I tried...but it is physically not possible.)
After you cut the first parts out, then you will select the cutting lines in your Silhouette Studio software and shift them over so that the lines you just cut hang off of your live cutting area, and the lines you want to cut are now showing on the cutting mat. You do not have to ungroup the project to shift it over.  You will notice that there is a band that you can use to wrap around your box if you don't want to use ribbon. I did not use it in my example, but left it as an option in the file if you would like to use it.
 Now that you have your pieces cut, you will want to arrange them so that they are facing in the direction that they will need to be glued. (see photo below.)
 Now lift up the tab at the bottom of the first piece you cut, and put glue or other adhesive on the tab. 
 Connect the two pieces with the glued tab.
 Fold up the sides now that the two pieces are glued together.
 Put glue on the tabs shown in the photo above.
 Now bring up the curved sides and hold the sides together to adhere.

Okay...funny story about this photo...
My husband just walked in my studio and looked at the computer screen when I was editing this photo...

he said, "are those your hands?"

I said, "yes."

He said, "they look like man hands."

Now if my husband and I hadn't been happily married for 17 years...I could have easily taken offense to that; but I agree, my hands and arms look hideous in these photos.

Have you ever seen the episode of Sienfeld where he dates the girl with the "man hands?" May as well be me in these picts.

I tell you what, though, photos can be very deceiving...I wear a size 4.25 wedding ring...and I'm not really that grotesquely tan...yes, it's summer, and yes, I've been hanging out by the pool because I'm a swim team Mom, and I'm pretty tan right now...but really...these hands are looking pretty hammered.


So keep your eyes on the project...not my hands!
Okay...enough about my hands...lets not even talk about this photo...
Just put some glue or adhesive on the flaps shown here. 
 Now bring the sides up and press to adhere. ( there's an idea...should have done a soft blur on my hands like I did in this picture on ALL the photos...a little late for bear with the hands.)
 Fold the cupcake holder base.
 Box will sit as shown in this photo...with the little row of scallops on the bottom. 
These scallops will fit on the inside of the box. 
 Glue the little tag embellishment together...
you can thread the band through this that is found in this file, or you can run ribbon through it. 
 Select some fun ribbon...hmmmm...too many choices...
(notice my hands are not showing grotesquely tan here...this is more accurate...thank you flash photography...what a brilliant idea.)
Now that you've made your pick, you can thread the ribbon over or under the buckle. 
Thread it under if you want to write someone's name on it, or other sentiment. 
If you don't want to write anything on it, then thread it over and tie your knot or bow on top.

Happy Crafting!

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  1. Thank you so very much from one of those Portrait owners!!

  2. Samantha, when I was reading your post and going thru the pictures, I thought is this Samantha's hand? Coz it didn't. I re-looked at it again and thought, hmm, it can't be. But the last pic did show your true color :-P Pictures... Can be deceiving and telling a different story sometimes. Enough chit chat, thanks for the tutorial.

  3. Super cute box. Yet another that will be added to my ever-growing SWD library.;D Btw, I am told by my hubby and kids that I, too, have man hands. My quiet response is that if I didn't have to do actual physical labor(washing their clothes, dishes, picking up their stuff left laying around, etc) then I would not have strong healthy man hands.

  4. I thought it was I was viewing the pictures, I thought (to myself)...I wonder what nationality she is...her skin sure is dark! Hahahaha. The hand in the ribbon picture is probably more true to color! I can't wait for the 8.5 x 11 version. Thanks!!

  5. This comment has been removed by the author.

  6. i want to resize this to fit a larger cupcake. do you have measurements for that?

  7. Is there anywhere else to buy the 12x12 SVG files? wont load for me.

  8. is no longer in business. Silhouette is now selling SVG files along with their silhouette files. You have to choose SVG bundle.

  9. Someone asked before but I didn't see an answer. resizing, do you know what the sizes are suppose to be? When I downloaded the svg it was very small.


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