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Saturday, May 18, 2013

Layered Layouts Without The Bulk by Diana Fisher

Hi! Diana Fisher here with you today. I'm going to give you some tips and tricks on making a layered looking page without all of the bulk. I know many of us love this look, but are disappointed once we try to jam them into our albums. Here are a few tricks I use on my pages.

First, I love 6x6 paper pads. Samantha Walker has a Cool Summer 6x6 paper pad offered through Carta Bella. The designs are perfect for those summer pages you are about to make.

6x6 paper pads offer smaller prints and patterns as well as the perfect size for doubling up the papers. These papers also tend to be a lighter paper weight and less bulky. 

To get started, select a few of papers and put them on your page. I chose a center focal point and single picture for my layout. I picked two coordinating papers from the pad and layered them in the middle.

Take a look at some of the other papers you have and choose a couple more. Use only about half of that sheet at 6x3. Pick some accents, too, and start to move them around on the page.

When you feel good about your few layers, go ahead and glue them down, leaving the edges without adhesive. Now, you can take small squares of other patterns and tuck them near your edges. 

2x2 or 3x3 inch squares work pretty well and you can start to glue them in-between your 2-3 main layers. It will add the layered look without the bulk of full sheets.

If you have coordinating embellishments like Cool Summer has, go ahead and begin to layer those in as well. Even with all of the different patterns and papers I used on this page, nothing is higher than a piece of chipboard. It should go nice and neat into an album when I'm all done. 

Thanks for stopping by here today to learn a little bit about layered layouts without the bulk. If you don't have one already, grab a 6x6 paper pad and start to play around with the different layering affects you can get with them.



  1. she is beautiful, I love the colors and your picture is very beautiful tes.

  2. Fabulous layout Diana! Love the layers (and your photo too!)!


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