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Saturday, March 30, 2013

(Almost) No-Sew Hair Bows by Meg!

Hi everybody!  Happy Easter weekend - hope that you & yours are having a wonderful one.

As a busy, home-schooling mom of 3 kids who are each involved in 5-7 activities, I have a need for speed.  Gone are the days when I could spend hours perfecting my boeuf bourguignon, peruse 17 craft stores for the "perfect" paper to scrap my pictures with....or heck, even take a showere where I get to wash my hair AND shave my legs - ya know?

So - these days, it's all about fast.  Our family's crest should have the motto of "Git 'er done!"

Occasionally, I find a free 23 seconds and get to get my craft on - and make something pretty.  Today was one of those rare days!

Using the gorgeous Riley Blake fabric from the Serenata line, I decided to make a couple of cute hair bows for my daughter to wear for Easter Sunday.  Believe me when i tell you that if I can do this, you can, too - it doesn't even require a sewing machine.  Here goes (my 7yo son took the pictures...and it shows a little bit!):

Isn't this fabric to die for??
1.  Gather your supplies:  fabric, scissors, a needle & thread (or even a hot glue gun), and hair pins or a barrette.
 2.  Cut two pieces of fabric - one roughly 3x8" and another about 1" or 2x4"
 3.  Fold the edges of the larger piece of fabric in towards the back side.  Then fold each end towards the middle.
 4.  You could use a hot glue gun to hold the ends all together, I just put the scissors on top of the folded fabric to hold it while I worked with the smaller piece.
5.  Now - fold the smaller fabric piece the same way but roll it around your finger to form a ring.
6.  Throw a couple of quick stitches in to hold the fabric in the ring shape.  Neatness doesn't count - just keep the stitches on one side & they won't show.
7.  Now, crimp your larger folded fabric & stuff it through the ring that you just sewed - it will be snug & that's OK.  If you want, use a glue gun or an extra stitch or two to keep all the ends tucked in on the back of the bow.
8.  Tah-dah!  How cute is that?  And it only took about 5 minutes flat!  One final step:
9.  Slide a hairpin through the ring on the back - this is what I use for my daughter to pin them in her hair.  You could use a glue gun to attach it to a barrette or head band or even velcro.
10.  You can use any kind of fabric - yellow is my daughter's favorite color so I whipped this one up, too.

Hope you enjoyed this & can make some of your own.  
Happy Easter!!   

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  1. wow, thats awesome, im going to have to have a go at that :)


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