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Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Paper Cuckoo Clock Assembly Tutorial

I just finished cuckoo clock #2. 
It took a little longer to finish up, as some other things crept in and took precedence...that's how life happens though, right? We have plans to do one thing, then another thing screams out that it's now on top of the priority list. I'm learning that the trick is to just roll with it, and take it as it comes.

This clock goes together much like the last one at this link here:
It will also use the same basic instruction for fitting it with a clock kit, found here:

and can also create an embroidered 3D cuckoo clock out of fabric.
Details for how you can get this embroidery file and project free, can be found here:

If you haven't seen those two posts, then they will be where you want to stop first.

Alrighty then...ready for this one...

You'll need at cutting machine, like a Cricut Explore or a Silhouette

The file is available at the Silhouette Online store at this link here:

3 12x12 sheets Aqua cover stock (or thick card stock)
1 sheet any color cover stock for the part that will hold the clock on the inside.
2 12x12 sheets Red cardstock
1 12x12 sheet dark aqua card stock
1 12x12 sheet cream card stock
1 12x12 sheet brown card stock
1 sheet white card stock for clock face (optional if making decorative non-working clock)

You will need a really strong, non-warping paper glue like Tombow Mono Adhesive (I like to buy it in bulk packs...I go through a lot of this stuff and hate running out.)

When made at given size, this clock measures approximately: 18 1/2 inches tall by 10 wide, by 3 1/4 deep. Without the pinecone weights the house part measures approximately 10 1/2 tall. 
1-6. Fold chimney, attach tab to close box. Fold bottom flaps out. Slide through rectangular hole in the roof and fold the bottom flaps out and attach to the backside of the roof.

7. Fold decorative chimney topper, then glue. 

Attach both rectangular roof rectangles together so the single tab joins them at the top, leaving the other two fold lines at the ends. 
REFER to the pictures in the previous cuckoo clock tutorial for attaching roof strips together. 

8. Find the rectangular roof pieces, and the wavy roof shingle pieces that have the fold lines on them. Fold these roof shingle pieces then attach one of them so that the fold line of the shingle lines up with the second fold of the rectangular roof piece. Do this to both sides.

9. In the file I have a few roof shingle pieces that have a section removed from them so that they can go around the chimney. I have provided this piece two times, once for the darker pink, one for the lighter pink to leave you with options on spacing.  Depending upon how closely you space your shingles, you may end up needing the lighter pink or the darker pink when you come to the base of the chimney. 

10. Find the side shingle pieces that will go on the sides of the chimney. Alternate the dark pink and light pink pieces until you come to the top of the chimney.

11. Place the appropriate shingle piece at the top of the chimney. Once again, I've provided this piece twice, once for the dark pink paper, and once for the light pink. This way you have them both so you can choose your spacing.

12. Keep alternating shingle strips until you come to the peak. Fold the center shingle strip in half and straddle it over both halves of the roof.

13. Apply your decorative pieces to the clock, then follow the clock kit instructions here: Now line up your pieces and we'll start to assemble according to the instructions here: 

14-16. I took a close up photo of the trickiest part of assembling the clock, and that is the part where you fold the roof around the eaves. The end tab of the roof goes inside the cuckoo clock. The small tabs in the picture go on the inside of the eaves. 

17-18. Fold the tabs from the front and back of the cuckoo clock inwards, apply glue, then bring the roof up and around the roofline. You will end at the roof eaves on the other side of the clock. You will insert the end of the roof tab into the slot that is formed, so that the little tabs go on the inside of the clock. You will be able to put you hand inside the clock from the back if you choose the open back design, to make it much easier to smooth these parts together. 

19. When finished with the eaves (underside of roof), it should look like this picture.

If you make one of these...I want to see your clocks! Please share them with me! 
Keep on crafting!


  1. What would the automatic setting be for a cameo 3? I am having a hard time with the autoblade on my heavy cardstock, it just never seems to cut through all the way.

    1. I use a blade of 3, depth or force of 16 and speed of 5 double cut. I use 80 lb cardstock.

  2. I use a blade of 3, depth or force of 16 and speed of 5 double cut. I use 80 lb cardstock.

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