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Thursday, March 06, 2014

Silhouette Tutorial: Circle Handle Purse

I've got a few more purses for you this week at Silhouette This one is a circle handle bag
Watch for more variations of this shape coming to the Silhouette Online store soon!

If you want to see other purse tutorials on my blog, here are a few others:

To make the circle bag, you will need this Equipment:
a digital cutting machine capable of cutting .studio files like the Silhouette Cameo or SVG files with the Cricut cutting machine.

To make the Circle Handle Purse, you will need this Silhouette file: 

The default finished size of the purse is approximately 8 X 7, and can easily be resized to your liking in the silhouette studio software.

I used the red dot paper from my Giddy Up collection for Carta Bella. (This pattern can be found on the backside of the journaling cards). I also used aqua textured card stock also from Carta Bella, silver line textured card stock from American Craft
Other Supplies:
red ribbon
aqua ink from a color box queue

Studio Software set up:
If you are using a Silhouette Cameo, when you open the file, this file will not all fit on the live cutting area. You need to ungroup the set to move the parts into the live cutting area to correspond with the color of paper you want those items cut in. An easy way to achieve two colors is to use double sided card stock. A fun option for the handles is to use wood grain card stock or metallic card stock. Cut 4 circles if you are not using double sided card stock so that your card stock is pretty on both sides of the handles. Cut 2 of the bottom rectangle pieces, one will be used as the liner of the purse.

1. Since I chose a card stock that was not double sided, I cut 4 circle handle pieces. Glue them back to back in sets of two.
2. Fold the side pieces as show. (please note that I modified the file after this construction so that the angle of the diagonal dashed lines goes to the top of the side.) Ink the edges if you desire. 
3. Fold all the tabs around the front and back purse pieces. Hint: make sure you fold on the right dashed line. There are also decorative "stitching lines" that are dashed. Those dashed lines will not be folded. Ink the edges if you wish.
4. I held up the front of the purse to a light so you can see the faux stitching better.
5. Glue the sides of the purse on. Use a good fast-drying paper glue. You can hold the sides while drying with Wonder Clips.
6-9. Smooth the tabs down while the glue is wet. You can smooth from the inside and the outside. Work the curve into your card stock so it goes around the corner nicely.
10-12. Glue the bottom onto the purse by centering it over the bottom tabs. You will want to make sure that it is centered quickly as your glue will start to dry and you won't be able to move it later.  Carefully work the bottom around the curve. Smooth down the tabs. 
13-14. Glue the second rectangle bottom piece on the inside of the purse as a liner.
15. Ink the edges of all the little flowers and thread brads through them where the center hole is cut. It is a tiny hole to make sure that the brad fits snug. 
16. Attach the flowers where there are tiny cut holes in the purse front and back.
17. Gather the pieces of the large flower, and layer them together. Ink the edges, then curl the flower petals. 
18. Attach the large flowers where the tiny circle is on the middle of the purse.
19-20. Glue the circle handles onto the purse. 

Ideas for usage:
Fill with silk flowers for a center piece at a girly party
Use as a gift bag
Use as a party favor for a fashion themed party
Collect and make a bunch of paper purses and use them as decorations on a ledge

Do you have ideas for this purse design?
Share how you used yours with us! I love seeing what you do! It's my favorite part of designing--seeing what YOU do with my files. 

Happy Crafting!

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