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Friday, March 14, 2014

How to make a Bucket Purse with your Silhouette machine

You will need a Silhouette Electronic Cutting machine
and this bucket purse file from the Silhouette online store (a link will be provided as soon as it comes available in the store.)

For those of you who are new to my blog, and may not have heard about the Silhouette electronic cutting machine (the machine I used to cut this file out,) I put together a product review at this link. You can read other's reviews of the machine here.

Default Size:
9 1/2 inches wide at the top of the purse 6 1/2 inches wide at the bottom of the purse. 10 inches tall from the handles to the bottom of the purse.

File Set Up in the Studio Software:
First, when you open this file, you will notice that some of the pieces hang off the edge of the live cutting area. You will need to move the parts into the live cutting area that you want to cut out of one color first, then the other pieces into the live cutting area if you want to cut them from another color or patterned paper. Double sided card stock works great for this. I only did a contrasting color for the handle fixture pieces. I cut those in gold card stock.

After cutting out all of your pieces, assemble as instructed below:

1-7. Start by folding the bottom pieces around the oval. Then get one of the lace side pieces, center it on the tabs of the bottom oval. You may want to mark the center on both the side and the bottom oval and line them up. Glue the center tab first. Then glue the other tabs working out to the end of the purse side. It may help to use a clip to hold the tabs to the side at the end. Another hint: use a good paper glue that dries fast.

8-9. Do the same for the other side of the purse.

10-11. Glue the two side pieces together.

12-14. Glue the strip to cover the tabs around the bottom. Make sure that the slits are facing the bottom of the purse. As you glue the strip, you will need to overlap at that slit very slightly as the purse slants outward.

15. Squeeze the purse to give it shape.

16.-19. Find the little "buckle" pieces that the handle attaches to. Loop the handle through one side and fasten with a brad. Curve the handle around and fasten the other side of the handle to the buckle. Now fasten the buckles to the purse where there is a pre-cut hole for the brad. Do this on both sides of the purse.

20. Stand back and look at your purse in amazement! You did it! Now fill it with flowers, candy, treats or a small gift. This would make a FANTASTIC Easter basket!

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