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Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Heart Lace Clam Shell Box Tutorial by Maya

Who doesn't like cute packaging?
Hi, it is Maya here, sharing with you a tutorial for making an adorable heart lace box. It has a sweet lace heart design on the top and a fancy corsage tab on the bottom. It looks great as is, but with few small additions it can be uniquely personalized.

Let's start! First, open the Samantha Walker Heart Lace Clam Shell Box cut file in the Silhouette Studio software.

To add a monogram to the box top do the following:
1. Click on the text tool, change the font to Storybook and type the letter you would like to use.
2. Move the monogram to the center of the heart, select the box and the letter, open the Align window and click on Align Center under Align Horizontally option to make sure the monogram is perfectly centered. 
3. Click on Group to bind the design together.

At this point of time you can cut the design. This will give you approximately 3"x3" box (when measured in the widest part). I wanted to make the box a little bigger, so I rotated the design to fit the diagonal of my canvas and enlarged it to 110%. This will make 3"3/8'x3"3/8' box.

Cut the design. The following steps are completely optional. I wanted to add a different color under the lace heart and to the corsage. Do the following to create separate cuts for the corsage tab and the box top.
1. Rotate the design back to the original position and use the knife tool to separate the corsage tab from the rest of the design.

2. Move the corsage edge aside and add the straight edge with the line tool. Group both edges together. 

3. Use the Rectangle tool to draw a rectangle around the heart following the perforation lines. Scale it down to 98% to make sure it will fit inside the box cover. 

4. Delete everything from the canvas except the square and the corsage tab.  Cut them out. I used glitter cardstock to add a little shine to the box. Any contrast color will look great.

Assembly Instructions

Fold all perforated lines. The corsage tab should be folded in the opposite direction that other folds.

Add strong adhesive to the back of the box top and to the corsage tab.

Adhere the gold square to the box cover glitter side down and to the corsage tab glitter side up.

Add strong adhesive to the tabs.    

Assembly the bottom part of the box

Assembly the top part. Close the box and admire.     

That's it! Perfect for Valentine's Day.

The red box in the center is cut using original dimensions, two others were enlarged to 110%.

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  1. Anonymous8:19 AM MST

    These are absolutely gorgeous! Fabulous job!

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